Wrong spellings on Himachal Pradesh transport buses

Well, Hindi is not standardized in its original form and this is what leads to various types of interpretations and spellings variations, which of course cause a lot of confusion.

I recently was visiting my home town Nabha riding a Haryana Roadways Volvo bus from Gurgaon to Ambala when we had a pit stop at Oasis eating joint near Karnal.

I noticed a Himachal Pradesh Parivahan bus stopped there too. The name written on that bus caught my eyes and I immediately noticed that the spellings are wrong.


The name written on this bus is Himsutta, while it should be Himsuta. Himsuta (हिमसुता) would mean the daughter of snow, meaning the Goddess Parvati who is believed to be Himalaya Putri. Suta in Sanskrit means daughter.

Such kinds of mistakes are rampant in Delhi also. Such a tragedy that the language can’t be standardized.



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