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Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Khe | खे से शब्द

खे से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खेई (kheie) = Brushwood
खेकसा (kheksa) = A creeping plant in Bihar having fruit resembling those of the parval
खेचर (khechar) = A heavenly body, a demigod or spirit, a bird
खेचरी (khechri) = Spirit of the invisible ultimate being in yoga
खेचरी-मुद्रा (khechri-mudra) = Symbol of the ultimate being
खेटक (khetak) = A shield, a village, hunting
खेड़ा (kheda) = A mound, a small village, the site of an ancient settlement
खेड़े की दूब (khede ki doob) = Something of little worth
खेड़ी (khedi) = Afterbirth, placenta, a place name
खेड़ी गिराना (khedi girana) = To cause an abortion
खेत (khet) = A field, land, region
खेत आना (khet ana) = To fall in battle
खेत कमाना (khet kmana) = To work, to manure, land
खेत करना (khet karna) = To cultivate land, to contend with
खेत रहना (khet rehna) = To fall in battle
खेत काटना (khet katna) = To reap a crop
खेतदार (khetdar) = Owner or occupier of a field
खेतिया (khetiya) = A farmer, cultivator
खेतिहर (khetihar) = A cultivator, a farmer
खेती (kheti) = Farming, tillage, a corn field, a crop
खेती करना (kheti karna) = To cultivate the soil
खेती सँभालना (kheti sambhalna) = To work as a farmer
खेती-बाड़ी (kheti-badi) = Agriculture, farming
खेद (khed) = Regret, grief, lassitude
खेद करना (khed karna) = To regret, to grieve over
खेद होना (khed hona) = To regret, to grieve
खेदजनक (khedjanak) = To be much regretted
खेदा (kheda) = A hunt of elephant, or other wild  animals
खेदाई (khedaie) = Having to do with an elephant drive or with a stockade
खेदना (khedna) = To hunt animals, to drive 
खेदित (khedit) = Distressed, grieved
खेना (khena) = To pass through, to row, to endure suffering
खेप (khep) = A consignment, an assortment, a supply regularly renewed, a round journey
खेप लादना (khep ladna) = To carry a load, to load, to perform a trip
खेपना (khepna) = To spend time
खेपिया (khepiya) = One who makes a trip
खेम (khem) = Well-being
खेमटा (khemta) = A kind of song, metre
ख़ेमा (khhema) = A tent
खेरना (kherna) = To flow, to run
खेरी (kheri) = Afterbirth
खेल (khel) = Play, a game, a wonder, sport, amusement
खेल करना (khel karna) = To play with
खेल खिलाना (khel khilana) = To lead one on, to play with one
खेल खेलना (khel khelna) = To play a game
खेल बिगाड़ना (khel bigadna) = To spoil one’s game
खेल मचाना (khel mchana) = To get a game under way
खेल-खेल में (khel-khel mein) = Casually, lightly
खेल-कूद (khel-kood) = Playing, sport, athletics
खेलत (khelat) = Playing sportive
खेलना (khelna) = To play, to perform, to act, to turn
खेलना खेला (khelna khela) = Knowing, experienced
खेला-खाया (khela-khaya) = Pleasure-seeking
खेला (khela) = Performance of dance, drama
खेवक (khevak) = Boatman, rower
खेवट (khevat) = A boatman, a fisherman, a village register of land holdings and rents due
खेवा (kheva) = Crossing of a river, fare for a river crossing in Bihar, an oar or pole, a boatman, a boat
खेवैया (khevaiya) = Boatman, a rower
खेस (khes) = A kind of heavy patterned cloth, a shawl of heavy cloth
खेह (kheh) = Dust

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