Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ke | के से शब्द

के से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कें-कें (ken-ken) = Plaintive sound of birds calling
केंचुआ (kenchua) = An earthworm, an intestinal worm
केंचुली (kenchuly) = Skin or slough of a snake
केंचुली छोड़ना (kenchuly chhodna) = To shed its skin (a snake)
केंचुली बदलना (kenchuly badlana) = To change its skin (a snake), to be a turncoat
केंद्र (kendra) = Centre, middle part
केंद्र-बिंदु (kendra-bindu) = Centre point
केंद्र-सरकार (kendra-sarkar) = Central government
केंद्रस्थ (kendrasth) = Situated at the centre
केंद्रापसारी (kendrapasari) = Centrifugal
केंद्राभिसारी (kendrabhisari) = Centripetal
केंद्रीकरण (kendrikaran) = Centralisation
केंद्रीकृत (kendrikrit) = Centralised
केंद्रीभूत (kendribhoot) = Centred, focused as attention
केंद्रित (kendrit) = Centred on
केंद्रीय (kendriya) = Central
केकड़ा (kekra) = A crab, the sign Cancer of the Zodiac
केका (keka) = Peacock’s cry
केका-रव (keka-rav) = Noise of peacocks crying
केकिनी (kekini) = A peahen
केकी (keki) = A peacock
केड़ा (kera) = A sapling, a shoot, a youth
केतन (ketan) = Poet, flag, banner
केतली (ketali) = A kettle
केतु (ketu) = Flag, banner, a comet or meteor, name of a demon
केदार (kedar) = A name of Siva
केदारनाथ (kedarnath) = Name of a place of pilgrimage at Kedar in the Himalayas
केबिस (kebis) = A red clay
केयूर (keyoor) = An armlet worn on the upper arm
केराव (keraav) = A small type of pea in Bihar
केला (kelaa) = A banana, the plantain
केलि (keli) = Amorous play, dalliance, sexual intercourse
केवट (kevat) = A boatman
केवड़ा (kevraa) = The screwpine and its fragrant flower, scent made from the kevra flower
केवल (keval) = One and only, sole, exclusively one’s own, only, merely
केवली (kevali) = One who believes in an absolute unity of spirit, a Jain saint or deity arhat
केवाँच (kevanch) = A medicinal plant
केवाड़ी (kevari) = A small door
केश (kesh) = Hair of the head
केशव (keshav) = Having long, beautiful hair, a title of Vishnu/krishna
केशी (keshy) = Hairy, name of an Asura demon killed by Krishna
केसर (kesar) = The stigma or pistil of a flower, filament of a lotus, saffron or yellow colour
केसरी (kesari) = A lion, saffron-coloured, dyed with saffron
केहरी (kehari) = A lion

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