Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Gu | गु से शब्द

गु से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

गुँगा (Gunga)
गुँगाई (Gungai)
गुंचा (Guncha)
(1) गुंज (Gunj)
(2) गुंज (Gunj)
गुंजन (Gunjan)
गुँजना (Gunjana)
गुंजलक (Gunjalak)
गुंजा (Gunja)
गुंजान (Gunjan)
गुंजाईश (Gunjaish)
गुंजार (Gunjar)
गुँजिया (Gunjiya)
गुँझिया (Gunjhiya)
गुंठित (Gunthit)
गुंडई (Gundai)
गुंडा (Gunda)
गुँथवाना (Gunthwana)
गुँधना (Gundhna)
गुँधवाना (Gundhwana)
गुँधाई (Gundhai)
गुंधावट (Gundhavat)
गुंफन (Gumphan)
गुंफा (Gumpha)
गुंफित (Gumphit)
गुंबज (Gumbaj)
गुंबद (Gumbad)
गुंबदी (Gumbadi)
गुआ (Gua)
गुइयाँ (Guiyan)
गुग्गुल (GugGul)
गुच्ची (Guchchi)
गुच्छ (Guchchh)
गुच्छा (Guchchha)
गुज़र (Guzar)
गुज़रना (Guzarna)= to pass, to make one’s way (past); to elapse (time); to befall, to happen
गुजरात (Gujarat)= the state or region of Gujarat
(1) गुजराती (Gujarati)= of or belonging to Gujarat, a man of Gujarat
(2) गुजराती (Gujarati)= the Gujarati lanGuage
गुजरि़या (Gujariya)= one who takes the part of a woman in a dance, an earthen image representing a milkmaid (a young girl’s toy)
गुजरी (Gujri)= (गूजरी) a woman of a gujar community, the wife of a gujar, a cowgirl, a milkmaid, a heavy toothed metal anklet or bracelet, name of a ragini
गुज़श्ता (Guzashta)= the past
गुजाई (Gujai)= a mixture of wheat and barley sown together
गुज़ार (Guzar)= causing to pass, performing; paying
गुज़ारना (Guzarna)= to cause to pass; to spend (time or one’s life); to complete, to lay (a gift) before
गुज़ारा (Guzara)= a passing over, crossing; life, existence, the spending of time; the means of existence, subsustence, maintainance
गुज़ारिश (Guzarish)= a petition, request
गुज़ारी (Guzari)= passing, performance (as of duty), payment (as of rent)
गुजिया (Gujiya)= (गुझिया) a kind of small pastry, a sweet made with khoa
गुज्झा (Gujjha)= secret, hidden; a dowell
गुझिया (Gujhiya)= a kind of small pastry, a sweet made with khoa
गुट (Gut)= a group, a faction
(1) गुटकना (Gutakna)= to Gulp, to bolt (=गटकना)
(1) गुटकना (Gutakna)= to coo (as a dove)
गुटका (Gutka)= a small ball; a pill having magical effects; a lump or chunk, a wedge (as inserted in doors-frames to hold a door open, or as used to tune a tabla); a small book, handbook, manual, anthology
गुटरगूँ (Gutargoon)= sound of cooing
ग़ुटरग़ूँ (Gutargoon)= (गुटरगूँ) sound of cooing
गुटिका (Gutika)= a small globe or ball; a pill having supposed magical effects
गुट्टा (Gutta)= a lump, a lump of Gum-lac (as used in a children’s game); a dwarf; chunky, short of stature
(1)गुठला (Guthla)= a large lump; cyst
(2)गुठला (Guthla)= blunted
गुठली (Guthli)= limp, mass, clot; stone (of a fruit), kernel; a gland
गुड़ (Gud)= raw sugar; boiled sugarcane juice
गुड़गुड़ (GudGud)= a bubbling sound (as of hookah), a rumbling sound (as of the stomach)
गुड़गुड़ाना (GudGudana)= to bubble, to rumble, to cause to bubble, to smoke (a hookah)
गुड़गुड़ाहट (GudGudahat)= a bubbling sound, a rumbling sound
गुड़गुड़ी (GudGudi)= गुड़गुड़ाहट, a small hookah
गुड़च (Gudach)= (गुरूच) a self-rooting creeper, Menispermum glabrum (found growing in trees)
गुडरू (Gudaru)= the bustard-quail
गुड़हल (Gudhal)= the shoe-flower, Hibiscus syriacus
गुड़ाई (Gudai)= hoeing, cost or charge of hoeing
गुड़ाकू (Gudaku)= a mixture of tobacco and raw sugar for smoking
गुड़िया (Gudiya)= a doll, a puppet, a beautiful looking girl
गुड़ी (Gudi)= गुड्डी
गुड्डा (Gudda)= a doll, a puppet, an effigy (of a man), an object of scorn or infamy
(1)गुड्डी (Guddi)= a paper kite, a doll, a lovely girl or daughter
(2)गुड्डी (Guddi)= the knee bone
गुढ़ा (Gudha)= thwarts (of a boat)
गुण (Gun)= a quality, a property; each of the three constituents of nature; a symbol for the number three; a good quality, a virtue, a skill, aptitude, a talent, a multiplicative suffix: fold, times
गुणक (Gunak)= a multiplier
गुणन (Gunan)= multiplying, multiplication; counting (गणन); supposing, estimating
गुणा (Guna)= multiplication, a multiplicative suffix :-fold, times
गुणी (Guni)= having good qualities, having skills or talents, excellent, worthy; a good, skilled or worthy person; a magician, sorcerer
गुण्य (Gunya)= able to be multiplied, muliplicand
गुत्थम-गुत्था (Guttham-Guttha)= a brawl, struggle; confusion, entanglement
गुत्थी (Gutthi)= an entangled mass (of a string); a confused situation or problem; puzzle, knotty problem; psychological problem, or fixation
गुथना (Guthna)= to be strung, to be threaded; to be plaited or braided; to be tangled; to catch (in)
गुथवाँ (Guthvan)= strung together; plaited, interlaced; entangled
गुथवाना (Guthvana)= to cause to be knotted, strung, plaited
गुद (Gud)= anus
गुदकारा (Gudkara)= गुदगुदा
गुदगुदा (Gudguda)= plump, fleshy; soft
गुदगुदाना (Gudgudana)= to tickle; to incite, to stimulate
गुदगुदाहट (Gudgudahat)= गुदगुदी
गुदड़िया (Gudadiya)= patched or tattered clothes
गुदड़ी (Gudadi)= a quilt, or bedding of rags; tattered garment
गुदना (Gudna)= to be pricked or punctured; to be tattooed; tattooing; a tattoo
गुदवाना (Gudvana)= to cause to be tattooed
गुदा (Guda)= anus
गुदाज़ (Gudaz)= soft, plump, fleshy
गुदाना (Gudana)= गुदवाना
गुदाम (Gudam)= गोदाम
गुदार (Gudar)= soft ( गूदेदार)
गुदारा (Gudara)= crossing (of a river)
गुदी (Gudi)= a sheltered place for repairing boats
गुद्या (Gudya)= large branch (of a tree)
गुद्यी (Gudyi)= the nape of the neck
गुन (Gun)= गुण
गुनगुन (Gungun)= buzzing, humming; mumbling, muttering; singing softly, humming
गुनगुना (Gunguna)= lukewarm, tepid; speaking nasally; lukewarmness
गुनगुनाना (Gungunana)= to buzz, to hu; to simmer (as water); to mumble
गुनगुनापन (Gungunapan)= tepidity
गुनगुनाहट (Gungunahat)= गुनगुन
गुनना (Gunna)= to consider, to estimate, to ponder; to consider highly, to praise; to multiply
गुनहगार (Gunahgar)=
गुना (Guna)= a multiplicative quantity
गुनाह (Gunah)= sin, fault, offence, vice; guilt
गुनिया (Guniya)= a carpenter’s square
गुन्नी (Gunni)= a light whip of twisted cloth with which people beat each other at the Holi festival
गुप (Gup)= hidden, secret; dark, blind
गुप-चुप (Gup-chup)= a boys’ game (in which one puffs out his cheeks, and another strikes them with both hands so as to produce a sound)
गुपाल (Gupal)= गोपाल
गुप्त (Gupt)= hidden, secret; kept secret; confidential; name of a north Indian community; dissembler, hypocrite
गुप्ती (Gupti)= a sword-stick
गुप्फा (Guppha)= tassel; wreath; bunch (as of flowers)
गुफा (Gupha)= a cave, place of retreat
गुफ़्तगू (Guftagu)= conversation, a conversation
गुफ़्तार (Guftar)= speaking
गुबरैला (Gubraila)= a type of black beetle which lives in dung
ग़ुबार (Gubar)= dust, dust-storm; bad feeling; affliction, grief; perplexity
ग़़ुबारा (Gubara)= ग़ुब्बारा
ग़ुब्बारा (Gubbara)= a balloon (vehicle); a balloon (plaything, decoration); a kind of firework that bursts in the air
गुभना (Gubhna)=
गुभाना (Gubhana)=
गुभी (Gubhi)= shoot, sprout
गुम (Gum)= lost; wanting, missing (as alertness, intelligence); absent, hidden
गुमटा (Gumta)= गुमड़ा
गुमटी (Gumti)= a workman’s cabin; a stall
गुमड़ा (Gumda)= a swelling, lump; tumour; a bruise
गुमड़ी (Gumdi)= a small lump
गुमान (Guman)= conjecture, supposition; distrust, suspicion; pride haughtiness
गुमानी (Gumani)= suspicious, doubting; proud
गुमाश्ता (Gumashta)= deputed agent, business representative; accountant (of a business); authorised buyer or seller of goods
गुम्मा (Gumma)= a piece of brick गुर (Guru)= गुरू
गुरगा (Gurga)= a servant; a rascal
गुरगाबी (Gurgabi)= a toeless shoe; a kind of shoe or slipper having toe turned up
गुरदम (Gurdam)= a stirrer for sugar during boiling
(1) गुरदा (Gurda)= a kidney
(2) गुरदा (Gurda)= a scraper used to prevent sugar from burning as it is being boiled
ग़ुरबत (Gurbat)= the state of stranger, or foreigner; wretched or helpless state; poverty; humility
गुरबना (Gurbana)= to dig, to dig up; to hoe, to weed
गुरसी (Gursi)= a fireplace, grate
गुरिया (Guriya)= a glass bead
गुरु (Guru)= heavy; long; weighty. Momentous; venerable, honoured; a spiritual guide, mentor; a teacher; a name of the god Brahaspati, or the planet of Jupiter
गुरुआई (Guruai)= the position or activity of a guru
गुरुआनी (Guruani)= a guru’s wife; female mentor or guide
गुरुच (Guruch)= a self-rooting creeper, Menispermum glabrum (found growing in trees)
गुरुता (Guruta)= (गुरुत्व)
गुरुत्व (Gurutv)= weight; length (as of a vowel or phonetic quantity); gravity; substance, importance; the position or effectiveness of a religious leader, or of a mentor
गुरुवार (Guruvar)= Thursday
गु़रुब (Gurub)= setting (of the sun)
गुरेज़ (Gurez)= flight, escape (from)
गुरेट (Guret)= a roller attached to a handle, used to stir sugar during refining
गुर्गा (Gurga)= गुरगा
गुर्जर (Gurjar)= the state or region of Gujarat
गुर्जरी (Gurjari)= a woman from Gujarat; a gujar woman
गुर्दा (Gurda)=
गु़र्राना (Gurrana)= to growl; to roar; to snarl, to speak angrily (at or to)
गुर्री (Gurri)= parched barley
गुर्विणी (Gurvini)= pregnant
गुल (Gul)= a rose, a flower; burned; a burnt wick, or its ash
गुलचाँदनी (Gulchandni)= a white flower that opens at night, Calonyction roxburghii
गु़ल (Gul)= noise
(1)गुलगुला (Gulgula)= a sweet, spiced cake or dish made from wheat flour and sugar fried in ghee
(2)गुलगुला (Gulgula)= soft; plump, sleek
(1)गुलगुली (Gulguli)= tickling, tingling
(2)गुलगुली (Gulguli)= a dish of balls of rice and molasses
गुलगोथना (Gulgothna)= गुलगुथना
गुलझटी (Guljhati)= a tangle (as of string); perplexity, unease (of mind)
गुलझड़ी (Guljhadi)= (गुलझटी) a tangle (as of string); perplexity, unease (of mind)
गुलत्थी (Gulathhi)= soft and lumpy (as boiled rice); watery boiled rice, salted (taken for dysentery); a lump (as of boiled rice)
गुलहरी (Gulahri)= गुलड़ी
गुलाई (Gulai)= गोलाई
गुलाब (Gulab)= rose water; a (red) rose
गुलाबी (Gulabi)= having to do with roses; pink; delicate, small, light
ग़ुलाम (Gulam)= a boy, youth; a slave, a servant; the jack (in cards)
ग़ुलामी (Gulami)= slavery
गुलाल (Gulal)= the powder (usually red) thrown and sprinkled by participants in the Holi festival
गुलिस्तान (Gulistan)= a rose-garden, flower-garden: name of a famous Persian composition in prose and verse by Sa’di of Shiraz
गुलू (Guloo)= the neck, throat
गु़लेल (Gulel)= a pellet-bow, catapult
गु़लेलची (Gulelchi)= (गुलेलबाज़) one who shoots with a catapult
गुलेला (Gulela)= a pellet, shot (for a gulel)
गु़लेला (Gulela)= a pellet
गुलौरा (Gulaura)= (गुलगुला) soft; plump, sleek
गुल्म (Gulm)= a thicket; a bush
ग़ुल्लक (Gullak)= a container for ready money, cash-box; a niche in a wall used for keeping money in
गुल्ला (Gulla)= a ball; a pellet (for shooting); a small piece of sugar-cane; short axle (of a lever-beam)
गुल्ली (Gulli)= any small globular or round object, a lump or piece; peg, short stick (specifically the short stick struck by the longer danda in the game ‘gulli-danda’), bail (in cricket)
गुवा (Guva)= betel nut
गुसैयाॅं (Gusaiyan)= गोसाईं
गुसैल (Gusail)= (गुस्सैल) quick- tempered
गुस्ताख़ (Gustakh)= arrogant, brash; insolent, rude
गुस्ताख़ाना (Gustakhana)= arrogantly, brashly, rudely
गुस्ताख़ी (Gustakhi)= arrogance, brashness, audacity, rudeness
गुस्ल (Gusl)= bathing, washing
गुस्सा (Gussa)= anger, rage
गुस्सैल (Gussail)= quick- tempered
गुह (Guh)= excrement
गुह (Guh)= to thread
गुहा (Guha)= a cave; a den, lair; a secret or mysterious place; cavity
गुहार (Guhar)= गोहार
गुहारना (Guharna)= गोहारना
गुहेरा (Guhera)= a kind of poisonous lizard
गुह्य (Guhya)= requirring, or able to be hidden; secret, mysterious; esoteric