Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Gr | गृ से शब्द

गृ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

गृध्र (Gridhra)=a vultureगृध्रसी (Gridhrasi)=sciatica
गृह (Grih, Griha)=house, home, dwellingगृह उद्योग (Grih Udyog)=cottage industry
गह कर्म (Grih Karma)=activities and responsibilities of a householderगृह कार्य (Grih Karya)=same meaning as of गृह कर्म
गृह देवता (Grih Devata)=god of a particular houseगृह देवी (Grih Devi)=goddess of a particular house
गृह पशु (Grih Pashu)=a domestic animalगृह प्रवेश (Grih Pravesh)=the ceremonial activity of entry to a new house
गृहस्थ (Grihasth, Grihastha)=a householderगृहस्थी (Grihasthi)=a householder
गृहलक्षमी (Grihlakshmi)=lady of the house who is seen as the source of prosperityगृहिणी (Grihini)=mistress of the house
गृही (Grihi)=a householderगृहीत (Grihit)=seized, taken, caught
गृहीता (Grihita)=receiverगृह्य (Grihya)=domestic, obtainable

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