Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ko | को से शब्द

को से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कोंच (konch) = Prick, stab
कोंचना (konchna) = To pierce, to wound, to cause distress to
कोंचा-काँची (koncha-kanchi) = Squabbling, sparring
कोंछना (konchhna) = To tie something in the hem of one’s dhoti or sari and tuck it into the waist
कोंढ़ा (kondaa) = Metal ring, hasp
कोंपल (konmpal) = A few leaf, sprout, shoot
को (ko) = Specifier of a definite direct object
कोई (koie) = Someone, anyone, some, any, a certain
कोई न कोई (koie na koie) = Someone or another, one or another
कोई नहीं (koie nahin) = No one, not any
कोई है (koie hai) = Is anyone there
कोई-सा (koie-saa) = Any out of a number
कोई-से तीन विषय (koie-se teen visheya) = Any three subjects
कोक-नद (kok-nad) = Flower of the red water-lily
कोक-शास्त्र (kok-shastra) = A treatise on sex, attributed to Koka 
कोकटी (koktie) = A kind of cotton having a reddish colour
कोकनी (koknie) = Small, inferior
कोका (koka) = Nail, spike, prickle, bud, spike of a plantain
कोकाह (kokaah) = A white horse
कोकिल (kokil) = The black cuckoo
कोकिल-कंठ (kokil-kanth) = Cuckoo-throated, sweet-voiced
कोकिल-बैनी (kokil-bainie) = Sweet-voiced
कोकिला (kokila) = The black cuckoo
कोको (koko) = Cawing sound of a crow
कोख (kokh) = The abdomen, the womb
कोख-उजड़ना (kokh-ujdna) = A woman’s child to die
कोख-की आँच (kokh-kie aanch) = Maternal grief
कोख-खुलना (kokh-khulna) = A woman to conceive after long waiting 
कोख-मारी जाना (kokh-maari jaana) = To be infertile
कोख-जली (kokh-jali) = A woman whose child have not survived
कोख-माँग से ठंडी होना (kokh-maang se thandi hona) = To be blessed a married woman
कोट (kot) = Coat, jacket, overcoat
कोट-पतलून (kot-patloon) = Coat and trousers, European men’s dress
कोटपीस (kotpiece) = Name of a card game
कोटर (kotar) = Hollow in a tree
कोटला (kotlaa) = A small fort, muniments room of a temple
कोटा (kota) = Quota
कोटि (koti) = Top, point, end, category, grade, standard
कोटि-क्रम (koti-kram) = Sequential development
कोटि-बंध (koti-bandh) = Grading, classing
कोटिबद्ध (kotibadh) = Graded
कोटिक (kotik) = Millions, innumerable, myriads of
कोठ (koth) = A kind of leprosy with large round spots
कोठरी (kothri) = Small or dark room of a house, store-room, granary, cell of a prison
कोठा (kotha) = Storehouse, a large inner room, granary, a brothel, the bowels, square
कोठे पर बैठना (kothe-par baithna) = To sit in an upper room, to become a prostitute
कोठेवाली (kothewalie) = A prostitute
कोठी (kothie) = A large house of brick, a bungalow, mercantile firm, a bank, storehouse
कोठी-खोलना (kothie-kholna) = To start a business, to set up as a banker, money-lender
कोठी-बैठना (kothie-baithna) = A house to collapse, a business to fail
कोठीवाल (kothievaal) = Businessman, merchant, money-lender
कोड़ना (kodna) = To dig up or out, to scrape out, to carve
कोड़ा (koda) = A whip, urging, incitement
कोड़ा मारना (kode marna) = To whip
कोड़ेबाज़ (kodebaaj) = One who whips, whipping
कोड़ाई (kodaie) = Cost of digging out
कोड़ाना (kodaana) = To cause to be dug out, to have something engraved
कोड़ी (kodie) = A score, twenty
कोढ़ (kodh) = Leprosy
कोढ़ में खाज (kodh mein khaaj) = Itch on leprosy, one disaster upon another
कोढ़ टपकना (kodh tapkna) = Leprous wasting to occur
कोढ़िन (kodhin) = A female leper
कोढ़ी (kodhie) = A leper, leprous
कोण (kon) = An angle
कोणिक (konik) = Having corners, angular as measurement, movement
कोणीय (koniya) = Angular as measurement, movement 
कोतल (kotal) = A spare horse, anything held in reserve as an army
कोतवाल (kotvaal) = Chief police officer of a town or city, deputy superintendent of police
कोतवाली (kotvalie) = Chief police station, a kotvaal’s office
कोताह (kotaah) = Small, deficient
कोताही (kotahi) = Deficiency, shortcoming, miserliness
कोताही करना (kotahie karna) = To be lacking in, to be miserly
कोथमीर (kothmeer) = Coriander
कोथला (kothla) = A large bag, sack, the stomach
कोथली (kothlie) = A small bag, a deep money-bag, bag of sweets
कोदंड (kodand) = A bow, an eyebrow
कोदों (kodoun) = A kind of small millet that grows readily on poor soil
कोदों दलाना (kodoun dalana) = To cause millet to be ground by, to set one a hard or impossible task
कोदों देकर पढ़ना (kodoun dekar padna) = To be content with a poor education
कोना (kona) = A corner, an angle, quiet place
कोना झाँकना (kona jhankna) = To look aside, to avert the eyes in embarrassment or confusion
कोनेदार (konedaar) = Having corner, angular
कोप (kop) = Anger, rage
कोप करना (kop karna) = To become angry with
कोप-भवन (kop-bhavan) = Boudoir
कोपित (kopit) = Angered, enraged
कोब (kob) = A  small mallet
कोमल (komal) = Soft, tender, delicate, flat in tone
कोमलांग (komalang) = Sofr-limbed, tender, lovely, a lovely woman
कोमलता (komalta) = Softness, tenderness
कोयर (koyar) = Vegetable, green fodder
कोयरी (koyari) = A cultivator, a gardener
कोयल (koyal) = The black cuckoo
कोयला (koyala) = Charcoal, coal
कोयले की खान (koyale kee khaan) = Coal mine
कोया (koya) = Pulp of fruit, eyeball, corner of the eye, cocoon of the silkworm
कोर (kor) = Point, tip, edge, small piece split off from anything, a joint as of the finger, small defect
कोरक (korak) = A bud, sepals, a blossom
कोरा (kora) = Unused, new, plain, unbleached, unoiled, unversed, ignorant, mere, simple
कोरा बचना (kora bachna) = To escape unhurt, unscathed
कोरा रह जाना (kora reh jana) = To get nothing, to be disappointed
कोरा लौटना (kora lautna) = To return empty-handed
कोरा सिर (kora syr) = An untended head, neglected hair
कोरापन (korapan) = Newness, freshness, virginity
कोरी (korie) = A weaver
कोरैया  (koraiya) = The plant Nerium antidysentericum
कोरो (koro) = A bamboo rafter or pole
कोर्ट  (kort) = A court of law, court as for tennis
कोल  (kol) = The breast, lap, embrace, a hog, name of a tribe of  central India, to crush
कोलतार (koltaar) = Coal tar
कोला (kola) = A small field, a jackal
कोलाहल (kolahal) = Uproar, shouting, noise of festivities
कोलाहल करना (kolahal karna) = To make an uproar
कोलाहली (kolahalie) = Noisy
कोलिन (kolin) = A Kol woman
कोलिया (koliya) = A narrow lane
कोलियाना (koliyana) = To embrace
कोली (kolie) = Hindu community of weavers, a weaver
कोल्हाड़ (kolhaar) = Site of a sugar-mill
कोल्हू (kolhu) = A press, mill for sugar-cane or oil-seeds
कोल्हू का बैल (kolhu ka baiil) = A plodding, a stupid ox
कोल्हू के बैल की तरह पिलना (kolhu ke baiil kee tareh pilna ) = To work like a  galley-slave
कोल्हू काटकर मोगरी बनाना (kolhu katkar mogri banana) = To lose much and gain little
कोविद (kovid) = An experienced person, a scholar
कोश (kosh) = Store-room, treasury, a dictionary
कोश-कला (kosh-kala) = Lexicography as a skill or art
कोशकार (koshakaar) = Lexicographer
कोशागार (koshagaar) = Treasury, store-room
कोशाध्यक्ष (koshadhyaksh) = Treasurer
कोशिका (koshika) = Cell
कोशिश (koshish) = Effort, attempt
कोशिश करना (koshish karna) = To try
कोष (kosh) = A fund
कोष्ठ (koshath) = An enclosed place as a granary or inner room, any abdominal organ, column
कोष्ठ-बद्धता (koshath-badhata) = Constipation
कोष्ठाग्नि (koshathaginie) = The digestion
कोष्ठक (koshathak) = Brackets in punctuation, table of figures
कोस (kos) = A measure of distance, two miles
कोसों दूर (koson dur) = Miles away
कोसन (kosan) = Cursing, curse
कोसना (kosana) = To curse, to abuse
कोसने देना (kosne dena) = To call down curses on
कोसली (kosli) = A new leaf just shooting
कोसा (kosa) = A kind of silk, pod of a leguminous plant, large earthenware saucer
कोह (koh) = Anger, a mountain, hill
कोह-नूर (kohe-noor) = Mountain of light, the Koh-i-noor diamond
कोहिस्तान (kohistaan) = Mountainous region
कोहड़ (kohad) = Frame at the mouth of a well
कोहर (kohar) = A well
कोहराना (kohrana) = To be indistinct, in a haze
कोहा (koha) = To be angry, displeased
कोहान (kohaan) = Hump of bull or camel
कोही (kohie) = Angry, a hill-man, hilly, the shahin falcon

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