Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Roo | रू से शब्द

रू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

रूँघट (Roonghat)=dirt, filth
रूँथना (Roonthana)=to trample
रूँध (Roondh)=restrainer, checked, enclosed
रूँधना (Roondhana)=to enclose, to surround, to block
रू (Roo)=face, aspect, countenance
रूबरू (Roobaroo)=face to face, in presence
रूइया (Rooiya)=a cotton merchant
रूई (Rooi)=cotton, cotton wool
रूईदार (Rooidar)=padded, quilted with cotton
रूखन (Rookhan)=given free, a quantity that is extra to what is bought
रूखा (Rookha)=dry, plain, rough, harsh
रूखापन (Rookhapan)=dryness
रूझ (Roojh)=to be harassed, worried
रूठन (Roothan)=sulking, anger
रूठना (Roothna)=to sulk, to be offended,
रूठा रूठी (Rootha roothi)=mutual coolness, misunderstanding, tiff
रूठनी (Roothani)=irritable, touchy, a type of sensitive plant
रूढ़ (Roodh)=mounted, risen, hard, accepted
रूढ़ापन (Roodhapan)=hardness, roughness, surliness
रूढ़ि (Roodhi)=rise, ascent, increase, tradition, custom, birth
रूढ़िगत (Roodhigat)=conventional
रूढ़िग्रस्त (Roodhigrast)=influenced by convention
रूढ़िबद्ध (Roodhibadh)=bound by convention
रूढ़िवाद (Roodhivad)=traditionality, conservatism
रूढ़िवादिता (Roodhivadita)=adherence to tradition
रूढ़िवादी (Roodhivadi)=adhering to tradition
रूप (Roop)=form, shape, appearance, feature, beauty, manner, mode
रूपमय (Roopamaya)=beautiful
रूप रेखा (Roop rekha)=outline, sketch
रूपांतर (Roopantar)=to transform
रूप जस्त (Roop jasat)=an allow of tin, lead and mercury; pewter
रूप रस (Roop ras)=oxidized silver
रूपक (Roopak)=a figure of speech, a dramatic composition, an allegory
रूपसी (Roopsi)=shapely, beautiful woman
रूपा (Roopa)=silver
रूमाल (Roomal)=handkerchief
रूर (Roor)=beautiful, fine
रूल (Rool)=a ruler, rule
रूस (Roos)=Russia, a type of shrub
रूसी (Roosi)=scruf, dandruff, Russian, Russian language
रूहानी (Roohani)=spiritual, having a soul or spirit

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