Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Boo | बू से शब्द

बू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

बूँट (Boont)
बूँट-पुलाव (Boont-pulav)
बूँद (Boond)
बूँद की बूँद (Boond ki boond)
बूँद चुराना (Boond churana)
बूँदा (Boonda)
बूँदा बूँदा (Boonda boonda)
बूँदा-बाँदी (Boonda-bandi)
बूँदी (Boondi)
बू (Boo)
बू आना (Boo ana)
बू फैलना (Boo failna)
बू पाना (Boo pana)
बूदार (Boodar)
बूआ (Booaa)
बूक (Book)
बूकना (Bookna)
बूका (Booka)
बूचा (Boocha)
बूज़ा (Booza) = An alcoholic drink made from rice, barley or millet
बूज़े-खाना (Booze-khana) = Liquor-stall
बूझ (Boojh) = Guessing, perceiving, understanding
बूझ-बूझक्कड़ (Boojh-boojhakkad) = Vain of knowledge or intelligence
बूझना (Boojhna) = To ascertain, to enquire, to consider, to perceive
बूझकर (Boojhkar) = Intentionally, knowingly
बूझा-बूझी (Boojha-boojhi) = Guessing, a children’s guessing game
बूटा (Boota) = Shrub, flower as painted or embroidered
बूटा काढ़ना (Boota kadna) = To embroider, to work flower on
बूटे का-सा कद (Boote ka-sa kad) = Small stature
बूटेदार (Bootedar) = Flowered cloth
बूटी (Booty) = Any medicinal plant
बूड़ना (Boodna) = To be drowned, to dive, to be immersed
बूड़िया (Boodya) = A diver
बूढ़ा (Booda) = Aged, an old man
बूढ़ा चोचला (Booda chochla) = Affectation of youthfulness in old age
बूढ़ा होना (Booda hona) = To grow old
बूढ़ापन (Boodapan) = Old age
बूढ़ी (Boodi) = Old woman
बूता  (Boota) = Capacity, strength, ability, power
बूते का काम (Boote ka kaam) = Work within the power of
बूते बाहर (Boote bahar) = Beyond one’s power
बूबक (Boobak) = Old fool, a fool
बूबू (Booboo) = Lady, elder sister
बूम (Boom) = An owl
बूर (Boor) = Chaff, rubbish, a sweet-scented grass used medicinally and as fodder, pile on material, nap
बूर का लड्डू (Boor ka laddoo) = Balls made with husk, a sweet, person outwardly promising which proves a disappointment
बूरा (Boora) = Filings, sawdust, powder, coarse sugar, a redeemable mortgage 

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