Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Khu | खु से शब्द

खु से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खुँडला (khundla) = Ruined house, a ruin
खुँदलना (khundlna) = To crush, to trample, to tread on
खुंभी (khumbhi) = Fungus, a mushroom, toadstool, gold stud, ear ornament, a gold band on an elephant’s tusk
खुखरी (khukhri) = A kukri, Gurkha’s knife
खुचर (khuchar) = A defect
खुचर निकालना (khuchar nikalna) = To make captious criticism
खुजलाना (khujlana) = To scratch
खुजलाहट (khujlahat) = Itchiness, scratching
खुजली (khujlie) = Mange, itchiness
खुजली होना (khujlie hona) = To have an itch, to be itchy
खुजवाना (khujvana) = To be itchy, to cause to be scratched
खुजाना (khujana) =  To feel itchy, to scratch with nails
खुट (khut) = Tapping, pecking
खुट-खुट (khut-khut) = A tapping sound
खुट-बढ़ैया (khut-badhaiya) = A woodpecker
खुटक (khutak)  = Tapping, pecking
खुटकना (khutkna) = To break shell by a hatching bird, to nibble 
खुट-चाल (khut-chaal) = Vicious conduct
खुटाई (khutaie) = Dishonesty, malice, wickedness
खुटिला (khutyla) = A kind of ear-ring
खुड्डी (khuddie) = A  gap, gap between two teeth, hole, foot-rests in a latrine
ख़ुतबा (khutba) = A public prayer or encomium offered at a mosque for a reigning king, praise
ख़ुतबा पढ़ना (khutba padna) = To  proclaim the accession of
ख़ुतूत (khutoot) = Lines, letters
ख़ुद (khud) = Self, myself, himself, itself
ख़ुद-इख़्तियारी (khud-ikhytyarie) = Self-control
ख़ुद-काश्त (khud-kashat) = Land cultivated by its owner
ख़ुदकुशी (khudkushie) = Suicide
ख़ुदकुशी करना (khudkushie karna) = To commit suicide
ख़ुदग़र्ज (khudgarz) = Selfish, self-interested
ख़ुदपसंद (khudpasand) = Self-satisfied
ख़ुदपरस्त (khudprast) = Selfish, opinionated
ख़ुद-बख़ुद (khud-bakhud) = By oneself, of one’s own accord
ख़ुदमुख़्तार (khudmukhtar) = Independent in action, not subject to restraint
ख़ुदराय (khudrai) = Opinionated, self-willed
खुदना (khudna) = To be excavated, to be engraved, to be carved
खुदनी (khudni) = An engraving tool, a wooden poker, a metal-tipped spade
ख़ुदरा (khudra) = Small in quantity or size, retail of goods
ख़ुदरा करना (khudra karna) = To sell in small lots or retail, a fragment
ख़ुदराफ़रोश (khudrafarosh) = A  pedlar
खुदवाई (khudvaie) = The  cost of or charge for digging
खुदवाना (khudvana) = To cause to be dug or engraved
ख़ुदा (khuda) = The supreme being, God
ख़ुदा उठा ले (khuda utha le) = The devil take him, may God remove him by death
ख़ुदा का घर (khuda ka ghar) = Heaven, a mosque
ख़ुदा का नाम लेना (khuda ka nam lena) = To do justice, to act justly
ख़ुदा की पनाह (khuda kee panah) = God  preserve me
ख़ुदा की मार (khuda kee mar) = Divine wrath
ख़ुदा ख़ुदा करके (khuda khuda karke) = With great difficulty
ख़ुदा जाने (khuda jane) = God knows
ख़ुदा न करे (khuda n kare) = God forbid
ख़ुदा न ख़्वास्ता (khuda n khavasta) = God be your protector
ख़ुदा हाफ़िज़ (khuda hafij) = Goodbye
ख़ुदापरस्त (khudaprasat) = Devout, God-worshipping
खुदाई  (khudaie)  = Digging, engraving, carving, the cost for digging, investigating a matter
ख़ुदाई (khuddai) = Divine, divinity, creation, the world
खुदाना (khudana) = To cause to be dug, engraved or carved
ख़ुदावंद (khudavand) = Lord, master, God
ख़ुदी (khudi) = Egoism, selfishness
खुद्दी (khuddie) = A small piece, remains 
ख़ुनकी (khunki) = Coolness, slight chill in air
खुनखुना (khunkhuna) = A child’s toy
खुनस (khunas) = Dislike, ill-will, animosity
खुनसाना (khunsana) = To be envious, to feel ill-will
खुनसी (khunsi) = A person bearing ill-will
ख़ुफ़िया (khufiya) = Secret, clandestine
ख़ुफ़िया पुलिस (khufiya police) = Secret police
ख़ुफ़िया विभाग (khufiya vibhag) = Secret branch
खुभना (khubhna) = To  pierce, to stir
ख़ुम (khum) = A large jar, wine-jar
ख़ुमार (khumar) = Intoxication, drowsiness, power to charm, religious ecstasy
ख़ुमार चढ़ना (khumar chadna) = Drink to take effect on
ख़ुमारी (khumari) = Languishing
खुरंड (khurand) = The crust or scab on a healing wound
खुर (khur) = A  hoof, the foot of a bed
खुरखुर (khurkhur) = Rattling of the throat, coughin
खुरखुर करना (khurkhur karna) = To cough
ख़ुरख़ुर (khurrkhurr) = Snoring, rattle of the throat, hawking
ख़ुरख़ुर करना (khurrkhurr karna) = To snore
खुरखुरा (khurkhura) = Uneven, rough
खुरखुराना (khurkhurana) = Sound of clearing the throat
ख़ुरख़ुराहट (khurkhurahat) = Hoarseness, coughing
खुरचन (khurchan) = Scraping, kind of sweet made from scrapings
खुरचना (khurchna) = To scratch, to gouge
खुरचनी (khurchni) = An eraser, a scoop, a kind of sweet made of scrapings of boiled milk
ख़ुरजी (khurji) = A saddle-bag, sack for goods
खुरदरा (khurdra) = Uneven, rough
खुरदरापन (khurdrapan) = Roughness
खुर-पका (khur-paka) = A complaint of hooved animals
खुरपना (khurpna) = To hoe as weeds, to scrape up as grass
खुरपा (khurpa) = A flat-bladed tool for scraping up grass or for weeding
ख़ुरमा (khurma) = A date tree, fruit, a sweet shaped like a date
खुरहा (khurha) = Foot and mouth disease in cattle
खुराँट (khurant) = Very old, ragged, crafty, cunning
ख़ुराक (khurak) = Daily rations, food, type of food of a person, diet, single dose of medicine
ख़ुराकबंदी (khurakbandi) = Food rationing
ख़ुराकी (khuraki) = Subsistence allowance, one who is fond of food
ख़ुराफ़ात (khurafat) = Senseless words, fables, abuse, uproar
ख़ुराफ़ात बकना (khurafat bakna) = To talk nonsense, to speak abusively
ख़ुराफ़ाती (khurafati) = Mischievous, a trouble-maker
खुरिया (khuriya) = The  knee bone, a cup-shaped container
खुरी (khuri) = Hoof-mark
ख़ुर्द (khurd) = Little, young
ख़ुर्दबीन () = Microscope
ख़ुर्दा (khurda) = A small quantity, or piece
ख़ुर्दा पकड़ना (khudra pakdna) = To carp, to cavil
ख़ुर्दा बेचना (khurda  bechna) = To  sell in small amounts or retail
ख़ुर्रम (khurram) = Glad
ख़ुर्रा (khurra) = Uneven, rough, coarse as fibre
खुर्राट (khurrat) = Long-experienced, shrewd old man, cunning
ख़ुर्शंद (khurshand) = Happy, contended
खुलना (khulna) = To be open, to be untied, to be cleared, to be analysed, to be resolved, to become evident
खुला मकान (khula makan) = A house in an open situation
खुले आम (khule aam) = For all to see, openly
खुले ख़ज़ाने (khule khazane) = In an open space
खुलकर  (khulkar) = Openly, freely, publicly
खुला-खुला (khula-khula) = Wide apart, thoroughly open
खुले-खुले (khule-khule) = Openly
खुलबंदी (khulbandi) = Reshoeing
खुलवाई (khulvai) = Causing to be open
खुलवाना (khulvana) = To get opened by another
खुलाई (khulaie) = Causing to be open, opening
खुलाना (khulana) = To cause to be open
ख़ुलासा (khulasa) = Gist, abstract, outcome, evident, explicit
ख़ुलासा हाल (khulasa hal) = The gist of a present  situation
ख़ुश (khush) = Glad, pleasing, prosperous, cheerful of temperament 
ख़ुश करना (khush karna) = To gratify, to please
ख़ुशक़िस्नत (khushkismat) = Fortunate
ख़ुशक़िस्मती से (khushkismati se) = Fortunately
ख़ुशख़त (khushkhat) = Having good handwriting
ख़ुशख़बरी (khushkhabri) = Good  news
ख़ुशी से ख़ुशगवार (khushi se khushgvar) = Agreeable
ख़ुशगुलू (khushgulloo) = Sweet-voiced, sweet-throated
ख़ुशदिल (khushdil) = Happy, contented
ख़ुशनवीस (khushnvis) = A good hand writer, calligrapher
ख़ुशनसीब (khushnasib) = Fortunate
ख़ुशनीयत (khushniyat) = Honest, well-disposed
ख़ुशनीयती से (khushniyati se) = In good faith
ख़ुशनुमा (khushnuma) = Pretty, attractive
ख़ुशबयान (khushbyan) = Eloquent
ख़ुशबू (khushboo) = Fragrance
ख़ुशमिज़ाज (khushmizaj) = Of cheerful temperament
ख़ुशहाल (khushhal) = Prosperous, fortunate 
ख़ुशामद (khushamad) = Flattery, fawning
ख़ुशामद करना (khushamad karna) = To flatter, to curry favour with
ख़ुशामदी टट्टू (khushamdi tatoo) = Sycophant
ख़ुशी (khushi) = Pleasure, happiness, consent
ख़ुशी करना (khushi karna) = To make merry, to do the pleasure
ख़ुशियाँ मनाना (khushian mnana) = To rejoice
ख़ुशी में आना (khushi mein aana) = To become pleased
ख़ुशी से (khushi se) = Gladly, with pleasure, readily
ख़ुश्क (khushak) = Dry, parched, dried as fruit, withered
ख़ुश्क राह से (khushak rah se) = Overland, by land 
ख़ुश्कदिमाग़ (khushdimag) = Sorrowful
ख़ुश्कसाली (khushaksali) = Drought
ख़ुश्की (khushki) = Dryness of manner, dryness, drought, dandruff
ख़ुश्की की राह से (khushki ki rah se) = Overland, by land
खुसटिया (khustia) = An owl
खुसफेली (khusfeli) = Comfort, ease
खुसर-फुसर (khusar-fusar) = Whispering
खुसर-फुसर करना (khusar-fusar karna) = To  whisper
खुसर-फुसर लगाना (khusar-fusar lagana) = To start whispering
ख़ुसूसन (khususan) = Especially
ख़ुसूसियत (khususiat) = Characteristic

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