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Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Khoo | खू से शब्द

खू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खूँट (khoont) = Corner, direction, quarter, part, an ear ornament, ear-wax
खूँटना (khoontna) = To pluck, to vex, to tease
खूँटा (khunta) = A stake, a post, a stump, support
खूँटे के बल उछलना (khunte ke bal uchhlna) = To depend or to presume on another’s protection or support
खूँट गाड़ना (khunt gadna) = To determine a boundary point
खूँटी (khunti) = Stubble
खूँदना (khundna) = To trample with hooves, or feet, to dig, to paw up ground
खूड़ (khud) = A furrow
खूद (khud) = Refuse, dregs
ख़ून (khun) = Blood, killing, a murder
ख़ून आँखों में उतरना (khun ankhon mein utrna) = The eyes to become bloodshot
ख़ून करना (khun karna) = To murder, to shed blood
ख़ून का जोश (khun ka josh) = Family feeling, love of family
ख़ून का जोश तो होता ही है (khun ka josh to hota he hai) = Blood is thicker than water
ख़ून का प्यासा (khun ka piasa) = Desirous of killing one, bloodthirsty
ख़ून ख़ुश्क होना (khun khushak hona) = The blood to run dry from fear
ख़ून पीना (khun pena) = To cause dire suffering to, to supress emotion 
ख़ून लेना (khun  lena) = To bleed one
ख़ून सफ़ेद करना (khun safed karna) = To act unfeelingly
ख़ून सफ़ेद हो जाना (khun safed ho jana) = To lack natural feeling
ख़ून सिर चढ़ना (khun syr chadna) = To be set on the murder of
ख़ून सिर पर सवार होना (khun syr par savar hona) = Bloodshed 
ख़ून-ख़च्चर (khun-khachar) = Bloody fighting
ख़ून-ख़राबा (khun-kharaba) = Bloody-fighting, bloodshed
ख़ून-ख़राबी (khun-kharabi) = Bloodthirsty, murderous
ख़ूनख़्वार (khunkhavar) = Blood-drinking, murderous
ख़ूनरेज़ (khunrej) = Blood shedding, a murderer, slaughter
ख़ूनी (khuni) = Having to do with blood, with murder, bleeding, bloody, assassin
ख़ूब (khub) = Lovely, charming, splendid, very well, fine
ख़ूबसूरत (khubsoorat) = Beautiful, handsome, beautiful face
ख़ूबानी (khubani) = A dried apricot or fig
ख़ूबी (khubi) = Virtue, beauty, excellence
ख़ूबी से (khubi se) = Excellently, splendidly
खूसट (khusat) = Decrepit, worn out, worthless, a dry old person

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