Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Khaa | खा से शब्द

खा से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खाँखर (khankhar) = A pot, hollow
खाँग (khang) = Spur of cock, tusk of boar, horn of a rhinoceros
खाँच (khanch) = A mark traced, the action of drawing
खाँचना (khanchna) = To set in, to set together
खाँचा (khancha) = A cage, coop, a basket woven from twigs, a groove
खाँचेदार (khanchedar) = Grooved 
खाँड़ (khand) = Coarse sugar
खाँड़ गलाना (khand glana) = To crystallise sugar
खाँड़-सारी (khand-sari) = A refiner of sugar
खाँड़-साल (khand-saal) = A sugar refinery
खाँड़ा (khanda) = A double-edged sword, a cleaver
खाँटी (khanti) = Real, thorough
खाँटी बनारसी (khanti banarsi) = A true Banarasi
खाँप (khamp) = Slice of fruit, a piece
खाँसी (khansi) = A cough
खाँसी आना (khansi ana) = To cough
खाँसी काली (khansi kali) = Cough-whooping
खाँसी पुरानी (khansi purani) = A chronic cough
खाँसी तर (khansi tar) = A loose cough
खाई (khaie) = A trech, ditch, drain, gulf
खाऊ (khau) = A voracious person, gluttonous
खाऊ उड़ाऊ (khau udau) = An extravagant  person, prodigal
ख़ाक (khak) = Ashes, dirt, earth, useless, nothing at all
ख़ाक जानता है (khak janta hai) = He knows absolutely nothing
ख़ाक ऐसी ज़िंदगी पर (khak aisi jindgi par) = A curse on this life 
ख़ाक करना (khak karna) = To destroy, to reduce to dust
ख़ाक चाटना (khak chatna) = To lick the dust, to abase oneself
ख़ाक छानना (khak chhanana) = To toil to no purpose, to roam about
ख़ाक डालना (khak dalna) = To bury as a quarrel, to throw dust on
ख़ाक फाँकना (khak fankna) = To roam, to wander, to deal in lies
ख़ाक में मिलना (khak mein milna) = To be ruined, to perish
ख़ाक में मिलाना (khak mein milana) = To lay waste a territoy
ख़ाक होना (khak hona) = Humble, a humble petitioner
ख़ाक-पत्थर (khak-pathar) = something of no interest or importance
ख़ाका (khaka) = Outline, plan, graph, estimate
ख़ाका उड़ाना (khaka udana) = To make fun of, to caricature
ख़ाका उतारना (khaka utarna) = To sketch, to trace
ख़ाका खींचना (khaka khinchna) = To sketch out a plan
ख़ाका बनाना (khaka bnana) = To make a model, to sketch
ख़ाकी (khaki) = Earth-coloured, khaki cloth uniform
खाखर (khakhr) = Name of a bird
खाज (khaj) = A skin complaint, eczema, the itch
खाज उठना (khaj uthna) = An itch to break out
खाजा (khaja) = A kind of sweet made from fried pastry
खाट () = A bedstead, bed
खाट कटना (khat katna) = To be confined to bed, to be bedridden
खाट पकड़ना (khat pakdna) = To be ill
खाट पर पड़ा होना (khat par pada hona) = To be bed ridden
खाट बिछाना (khat bichhana) = To make up a bed
खाट से उतारना (khat se utarna) = To take a dying man from his bed
खाट-खटोला (khat-khtola) = Goods and chattels
खाड़ी (khadi) = A bay, the Persian Gulf, an inlet of the sea
खात (khat) = Pit for compost, excavation for a tank, manure, dung
खाद डालना (khad dalna) = To manure in land 
खाता (khata) = Account-book, a ledger
खाता खोलना (khata kholna) = To  open an account
खाते बाक़ी (khate baki) = The balance of an account
खातेदार (khatedar) = An account-holder, a landholder
ख़ातिर (khaatir) = Hospitality, respect, attention, regard
ख़ातिर करना (khaatir karna) = To show regard for
ख़ातिर में न लाना (khaatir mein n lana) = To show no regard
ख़ातिरजमा रखना (khaatirjama rakhna) = To be assured
ख़ातिरदारी (khaatirdari) = Showing regard, entertainment
ख़ातिरदारी करना (khaatirdari karna) = To show consideration for
खाती (khati) = A carpenter, carver
ख़ातून (khaatoon) = Lady, title occurring finally in many Muslim female names
खाद (khad) = Manure, pit for storing grain, temporary planting site for cane seedlings, an advance of money for food
खादर (khadar) = Khadi, low alluvial land near water for rice cultivation
ख़ादिम (khadim) = Attendant, a servant, officiant at a mosque
ख़ादिमा (khadima) = A female servant
खादी (khadi) = A thick, coarse type of cotton cloth, 
खाद्य (khadya) = To be eaten, edible
खाद्य-पदार्थ (khadya-padarth) = Foodstuffs
खाद्य-संकट (khadya-sankat) = Shortage of food 
खाद्य संवितरण (khadya-samvitran) = Food rationing
खाद्याखाद्य (khadyakhadya) = Lawful and  unlawful food
खाद्यनुभाजन (khadyanubhajan) = Food rationing
खाद्योत्पादन (khadyautpadan) = Production of food
खान (khan) = A mine, a store, abundance
ख़ान (khaan) = A title of Muslim nobles, a chief headman of several villages
ख़ानकाह (khaankah) = A sufi residential establishment, monastery
खानक (khanak) = A miner, a digger
ख़ानगी (khaangi) = Household, private any matter, a prostitute
ख़ानदान (khaandan) = Dynasty, family line
ख़ानदानी (khaandani) = Hereditary, familial, of good family
खान-पान (khan-pan) = Customs of eating, types of food
खान-पान करना (khan-pan karna) = To take a light meal, to eat
खान-पान का संबंध (khan-pan ka sambhand) = A tie of commensality with
खानवाँ (khanvan) = Drainage round a field, a trench
खाना (khana) = To take in, to eat, to swallow
खाना न पचना (khana n pachna) = One to be uneasy
खा जाना (kha jana) = To consume, to eat up
खा डालना (kha dalna) = To fleece, to make a clean sweep
खा पका जाना (kha pka jana) = To go through all one’s wealth or resources
खाना-पीना (khana-pina) = Board, food and drink
खाना-कमाना (khana-kamana) = To earn one’s living
खाता-पीता (khata-pita) = Flourishing, well-nourished
ख़ाना (khaana) = Dwelling, compartment, division of a book-case, case for glasses 
ख़ाना-ख़राबी (khaana-kharabi) = Ruin of a femily
ख़ाना-तलाशी (khaana-talashi) = Search of a house

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