Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ghu | घु से शब्द

घु से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

घुँघची (ghunghchi) = The berry of the shrub Abrus precatorius
घुँघराला (ghunghrala) = Curly of hair
घुँघरू (ghunghru) = A string of small bells worn round the wrist or ankle, a small bell
घुँघरू बाँधना (ghunghru bandhna) = To prepare oneself to dance
घुँघरूदार (ghunghrudar) = Hung with small bells
घुंघुना (ghunghuna) = A child’s rattle
घुंड़ी (ghundi) = A knot, nipple, a difficulty
घुंड़ी लगाना (ghundi lgana) = To put a button on, to button a garment
घुइयाँ (ghuiyan) = The tuberous herb Colacasia antiquorum
घुग्घू (ghugho) = A stupid person
घुटकना (ghutakna) = To gulp down, to bolt, to embezzle
घुटन (ghutan) = Suffocation, choking, oppressiveness
घुटना (ghutna) = The knee, the region of the knee
घुटने टेकना (ghutne tekna) = To kneel in submission, entreaty to 
घुटने के बल चलना (ghutne ke bal chalna) = To crawl, to lower the head to the knees as in shame
घुट-घुट कर मरना
घुटन्ना (ghutnna) = Shorts reaching to the knees
घुटाई (ghutai) = Smoothness, polishing, cost of polishing
घुटाना (ghutana) = To cause to be rubbed clean, to cause to be choked
घुट्टी (ghutti) = A digestive medicine given to infants
घुट्टी में पड़ना (ghutti mein padna) = To be acquired from infancy a trait
घुड़ (ghud) = A horse
घुड़चढ़ (ghudchad) = Horse-riding
घुड़चढ़ा (ghudchada) = A horseman
घुड़चढ़ी (ghudchadi) = The bridegroom’s riding on horseback in a marriage procession
घुड़दौड़ (ghuddod) = A horse race, a horse’s galloping
घुड़दौड़ का घोड़ा (ghuddod ka ghoda) = A race-horse
घुड़नाल (ghudnal) = A gun or cannon carried on a horse
घुड़सवार (ghudsvar) = A horseman, mounted
घुड़साल (ghudsal) = A stable
घुड़कना (ghudkna) = To scold, to frown at, to browbeat
घुड़की (ghudki) = Scolding, reprimand, browbeating, growling
घुड़की खाना (ghudki khana) = To suffer a scolding
घुणाक्षर (ghunakshar) = Worm-holes traced in wood
घुणाक्षर न्याय से (ghunakshar nyai se) = Adverse development
घुन (ghun) = A woodlouse, a weevil, disease
घुन लगना (ghun lagna) = To be worm-eaten, to be attacked by insect pests
घुनना (ghunana) = To be consumed as by illness or grief, to be attacked by wood-worm
घुन्ना (ghunna) = Sullen, spiteful, malicious
घुप्प (ghupp) = Dense, thick of darkness
घुमंतू (ghumantoo) = Restless, always moving
घुमक्कड़ (ghumakkad) = Wandering, roving
घुमटा (ghumta) = Giddiness
घुमड़ (ghumad) = Gathering, massing of clouds
घुमड़ना (ghumdna) = To gather, to grow thick as of clouds
घुमड़ी (ghumdi) = A whirlpool, turning, spinning, giddiness
घुमवाना (ghumvana) = To cause to revolve
घुमाना (ghumana) = To show round, to leave astray, to whisk away, to turn round
घुमाना-फिराना (ghumana-firana) = To lead one a round or dance
घुमाव (ghumav) = A twist, turning over of ground, a trick
घुमाव-फिराव (ghumav-firav) = Prevarication, deviousness
घुमावदार (ghumavdar) = Spiral, winding, tricky, over-elaborate language
घुरघर (ghurghur) = Snorting, growling, purring
घुरघुरा (ghurghura) = A kind of ulcer, a kind of cricket, the yellow pied woodpecker
घुरघुराना (ghurghurana) = To grumble, to rumble, to snort
घुरत (ghurat) = A cattle-pen
घुरना (ghurna) = To growl, to rumble
घुलन (ghulna) = Mixing, dissolving, melting
घुलनशील (ghulansheel) = Soluble
घुलना (ghulna) = To be dissolved, to melt, to be intimate with
घुल-घुलकर बात करना (ghul-ghulkar baat karna) = To speak intimately or amorously to
घुल-घुलकर मरना (ghul-ghulkar marna) = To die wretchedly as after long illness
घुल-मिलकर रहना (ghul-milkar rehna) = To live in union, in harmony with
घुला-मिला (ghula-mila) = Intimate, in union, close
घुलवाना (ghulvana) = To cause to be mixed, to cause to be melted
घुलाना  (ghulana) = To cause to be mixed in, to cause to be melted
घुलावट (ghulavat) = Dissolving, melting, softening
घुस (ghus) = Pushing, entering into
घुस-पैठ (ghus-paith) = Pushing, infiltrating into, knowledge of a subject
घुस-पैठइया (ghus-paithiya) = An infiltrator, undercover agent
घुसड़-फुसड़ (ghusad-fusad) = Stuffing in or cramming
घुसना (ghusna) = To enter forcibly, to creep, to interfere in, to thrust in
घुसकर-बैठना (ghuskar baithna) = To  squeeze in, to sit hidden away
घुसाना (ghusana) = To force into, to cause to penetrate
घुसायन (ghusayan) = A woman of the ghosi (ahir) community
घुसेड़ना (ghusedna) = To thrust into, to cram in, to insinuate, to cause to penetrate

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