Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Chhoo | छू से शब्द

छू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

छू मंतर (Chhoo mantar)=an incantation, charm
छूछ (Chhoochh)=left-over
छूछक (Chhoochhak)=a ceremonial visit of daughter to her father’s house after forty days of the delivery of a child
छूछा (Chhoochha)=empty, shallow
छूछे हाथ (chhochhe haath)=unarmed, empty handed
छूछी (Chhoochhi)=needlecase
छूट (Chhoot)=escape, discount
छूटना (Chhootna)=to be discharged, to be let go
छूट जाना (Chhoot jana)=to miss on something
छूत (Chhoot)=the belief of untouchablity
छूना (Chhoona)=to touch

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