Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Gyaa | ज्ञा से शब्द

ज्ञा से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

ज्ञात (Gyat)=understood, evident
ज्ञातव्य (Gyatavya)=requiring to be known, deserving study
ज्ञाता (Gyata)=knowledgeable, an expert
ज्ञाति (Gyati)=a kinsman
ज्ञान (Gyan, Gyaan, Jnana)=knowledge, understanding, wisdom
ज्ञान कांड (Gyan Kanda)=the part of Vedas that deals with the knowledge of the ultimate reality
ज्ञान कोश (Gyan Kosh)=an encyclopedia
ज्ञान गम्य (Gyan Gamya)=comprehensible
ज्ञान गोचर (Gyan Gochar)=the sight of true knowledge
ज्ञान चक्षु (Gyan Chakshu)=vision born out of true knowledge
ज्ञान चर्चा (Gyan Charcha)=philosophical discussion
ज्ञानत (Gyanat)=with foreknowledge
ज्ञानदा (Gyanda)=a name given to goddess Saraswati
ज्ञान दाता (Gyan Data)=teacher, perceptor
ज्ञान दात्री (Gyan Datri)=a name given to goddess Saraswati
ज्ञान पीठ (Gyan Peeth)=an institute
ज्ञानपूर्वक (Gyanpurvak)=knowing, wise
ज्ञानमय (Gyanmaya)=cosisting of knowledge
ज्ञान मूढ़ (Gyan Mudha)=someone who behaves foolishly though he is wise
ज्ञान योग (Gyan Yog, Gyan Yoga)=the path of yoga that leads to the ultimate knowledge
ज्ञानवान (Gyanvan)=learned, wise
ज्ञानवती (Gyanvati)=knowledgeable
ज्ञान विज्ञान (Gyan Vigyan)=various kinds of knowledge
ज्ञान संस्थान (Gyan Sansthan)=educational establishment
ज्ञान साधन (Gyan Sadhan)=means of knowledge
ज्ञानर्जन (Gyanarjan)=acquisition of knowledge
ज्ञानालय (Gyanalaya)=store house of knowledge
ज्ञानाश्रयी (Gyanashrayi)=based on knowledge
ज्ञानासन (Gayanasan)=a type of posture in yogasana
ज्ञानेंद्रिय (Gyanendriya)=the organs of sense
ज्ञानोदय (Gyanodaya)=enlightenment
ज्ञानिक (Gyanik)=related to studies, learning
ज्ञानी (Gyani, Gyaani, Jnani)=learned, wise
ज्ञापक (Gyapak)=one who announces, notifying
ज्ञापन (Gyapan)=announcement, memorandum
ज्ञापित (Gyapit)=notified, revealed
ज्ञाप्य (Gyapya)=which is worth making known

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