Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kra | क्र से शब्द

क्र से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

क्रंदन (krandan) = Weeping, lamentin
क्रंदन करना (krandan karna) = To weep
क्रकच (krakach) = A saw
क्रम (kram) = A step, pace, degree, stage, position in a series, regular progress, sequence, due method, power
क्रम से  (kram se) = Turn by turn, gradually, by degrees, in due course
क्रम करके (kram karke) = In order, gradually, respectively
क्रम-चय (kram-chay) = A permutation
क्रम-बद्ध (kram-badh) = Ordered, sequential, graded
क्रमशः (kramshay) = By due stages
क्रव्य (kravya) = Flesh
क्रव्याद (kravyayaad) = Carnivorous
क्रय (kray) = Buying, purchase
क्रय-विक्रय (kray-vikray) = Buying and selling, traffic, trade
क्रय-शक्ति (kray-shakti) = Purchasing power
क्रांत (krant) = Gone over or across, surpassed, defeated, checked, suppressed an uprising
क्रांति (kranti) = Revolution, progress
क्रांतिकारी (krantikari) = Revolutionary
क्रांतिबिंदु (krantibindu) = Critical, decisive point, crisis
क्रांतिवादी (krantivadie) = Urging revolution, revolutionary
क्रिया (kriya) = An action, act, deed, a pious act, duty, an oath, a literary work, business
क्रिया करना (kriya karna) = To perform the obsequies
क्रिया खाना (kriya khana) = To take an oath, to swear by
क्रिया-कर्म (kriya-karam) = Daily observance as oblation, prayer, religious duty
क्रिया-कलाप (kriya-kalaap) = The body of actions enjoined by religion
क्रियात्मक (kriyaatmak) = Of use, practical
क्रियानिष्ठ (kriyanishath) = Orthodox in religious observance
क्रियापद (kriyapad) = Verbal form or construct
क्रिया-भंग (kriya-bhang) = The rendering ineffective of a religious act
क्रियावाचक (kriyavachak) = Verbal
क्रियाविश्षण (kriyavisheshan) = An adverb 
क्रियाशील (kriyasheel) = Active, energetic
क्रियेंद्रिय (kriyendryai) = An organ of action
क्रिस्तान (kristan) = A Christian
क्रिस्तानी  हो जाना (kristaani ho jana) = To become a Christian
क्रीड़ा (krida) = Sport, play, pleasure, amusement
क्रीड़ा करना (krida karna) = To play, to sport
क्रीड़ांगन (kridangan) = Sportsground, stadium
क्रीड़ास्थल (kridasthal) = The site of Krishan lila, a playground
क्रीड़ित (kridit) = Enacted, played, characterised by krida childhood, youth 
क्रीड़ितृ  (kriditir) = A player, one who sports, a gambler
क्रीत (kreet) = Bought, purchased
क्रीत-दास (kreet-daas) = A bought slave
क्रुद्ध (kruddh) = Angered, angry, fierce
क्रूर (krur) = Cruel, harsh, terrible, inauspicious, base, vile, insensitive
क्रूरकर्म (krurkaram) = Performing cruel, terrible deeds, unrelenting
क्रूरकोष्ठ (krurkoshath) = Sluggish bowels
क्रूरचरित (krurcharit) = Of cruel or harsh conduct
क्रूरदृष्टि (krurdrishtie) = Malignant glance as of the evil eye
क्रूरता (krurta) = Cruelty, fierceness
क्रूस (krus) = A cross
क्रेता (kreta) = A buyer, purchaser
क्रोड (krod) = The lap, the interior of anything, a hollow, cavity, the open arms, emrace
क्रोड-पत्र (krod-patar) = Marginal addition, supplement, postscript
क्रोध (krodh) = Anger, rage, resentment
क्रोध-करना (krodh-karana) = To be angry with
क्रोध में आना (krodh mein ana) = To become angry
क्रोधमय  (krodhmayi) = Angry, wrathful
क्रोधवश (krodhvash) = Overpowered by anger, passionate, one prone to anger
क्रोधवान (krodhvaan) = Angry
क्रोधानल (krodhanal) = The fire of one’s anger
क्रोधन (krodhan) = Being angry, anger
क्रोधित (krodhit) = Angry, enraged, irritated
क्रोधी (krodhie) = Hot-tempered
क्रौंच (kronch) = A  wading bird, a kind of bittern, heron

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