Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Koo | कू से शब्द

कू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कूँखना (koomkhna) = To give a hollow groan, or grunt
कूँच (koonch) = The Achilles tendon, hough of a quadruped, a weaver’s brush, the small red seed of Abrus precatorius used as a jewellers’ weight
कूँचा (koomcha) = A broom in Bihar
कूँज (koonj) = The demoiselle crane
कूँड़ा (koonda) = An earthen or wooden vessel for kneading bread in, tub, a large pot, ring of earth round a tree to hold water
कूँड़ी (koondi) = A small tub, a small stone mortar for grinding
कूँथना (koonthna) = To groan, to strain
कूक (kook) = Shrill cry as of a peocock or cuckoo, shriek, sobbing, calling of birds, winding up
कूक देना (kook dena) = To wind, to wind up
कूकड़ी (kookri) = A bitch
कूकना (kookna) = To utter a shrill cry, to scream, to call, to shout, to wind, to wind up
कूकर (kookar) = A dog
कूकाहट (kookahat) = Sobbing, crying, shrieking
कू-कू (koo-koo) = Cooing sound
कूच (kooch) = Departure
कूच करना (kooch karna) = To depart, to make a march as an army, to die
कूच बोलना (kooch bolna) = To sound the departure of a troop
कूचा (koocha) = A lane, alley
कूचिया (koochiya) = The tamarind tree
कूची (koochi) = A large brush, a small broom, a fine brush
कूची करना (koochi karna) = To apply paint
कूची फेरना (koochi ferna) = To brush, to clean, to plaster
कूजन (koojan) = Calling of birds
कूजना (koojana) = To call, to cry of birds
कूज़ा (kooza) = An earthen water-pot with a short neck, a cup-shaped or globular piece of sugar candy 
कूट (koot) = A peak, summit, a heap as of grain, a puzzling question, a verse of obscure meaning, trap
कूट-कर्म (koot-karm) = Deceit
कूट-नीति (koot-neeti) = Diplomacy
कूट-नीतिज्ञ (koot-neetigya) = A diplomat
कूटनैतिक (koot-naitik) = Diplomatic
कूटना (kootna) = To pound, to crush, to thresh corn, to beat, to thrash
कूट-कूटकर भरा होना (koot-kootkar bhara hona) = To be possessed in great measure
कूटी (kooti) = Satire, sarcasm, innuendo
कूड़ा (koora) = Rubbish, sweepings, dirt
कूड़ा-करकट (koora-karkat) = Public rubbish-dump
कूड़ेदान (koore daan) = Rubbish-bin
कूढ़ (koorh) = Stupid, foolish
कूढ़-के-कूढ़ (koorh-ke-koorh) = Supremely foolish people
कूढ़-मग़ज़ (koorh-magaj) = Dull-witted
कूत (koot) = Valuation, appraisal, conjecture
कूतना (kootna) = To estimate, to appraise
कूद (kood) = Jumping, spring
कूद-मारना (kood-maarna) = To jump, to spring
कूद-फाँद (kood-faandna) = Skipping, gambolling
कूदना (koodna) = To jump, to leap, to hop, to rejoice, to interfere
कूदना-फाँदना (koodna-faandna) = To jump about, to dance for joy, to gambol
कूद पड़ना (kood-padna) = To jump, to jump down
कूदकर पार करना (koodkar paar karna) = To jump across
कूप (koop) = A well, a hole, pit, an oil-well
कूप-मंडूक (koop-mandook) = A frog in a well
कूपी (koopi) = A small well or pit
कूबड़ (koobar) = A hump, hunched back
कूबड़ा (koobra) = Hunchbacked, crooked
कूम्हल (koomhal) = A hole made by a thief in the wall of a house
कूर (koor) = Blind, benighted
कूर्म (koorm) = A tortoise, turtle, the second avatar of Vishnu
कूर्म-पुराण (koorm-puraan) = The fifteenth Purana
कूल (kool) = Shore, bank, pond, lake
कूला (koolaa) = An irrigation channel
कूल्हा (koolhaa) = The hip, the buttocks
कूहड़ (koohar) = Rough, uneven a path

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