Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Bhoo | भू से शब्द

भू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

भूँजना (Bhoonjna) = To parch grain, to roast
भूँदरी (Bhoondari) = A piece of land let rent-free as to village servants
भूँसना (Bhoonsna) = To bark
भू (Bhoo) = Land, site, the earth, place
भूकंप (Bhookamp) = Earthquake
भूकंप विज्ञान (Bhookamp vigyan) = Seismology
भू-खंड (Bhoo-khand) = Area of the land
भू-गर्भ (Bhoo-garbh) = The inner earth
भू-गर्भित (Bhoo-garbhit) = Taking place underground as atomic tests
भूगोल (Bhoogol) = Geography, the globe
भू-विज्ञान (Bhoo-vigyan) = Geography
भू-चक्र (Bhoo-chakar) = The equator
भू-चाल (Bhoo-chal) = Rotation of the earth, earthquake
भू-डोल (Bhoo-dol) = Earthquake
भू-तल (Bhoo-tal) = Surface of the earth
भूदान (Bhoodan) = Grant of  land, of land revenue, the movement led by Vinoba Bhave
भूधर (Bhoodhar) = A mountain, earth-supporter
भू-पति (Bhoopati) = Earth-lord, king  
भूपाल (Bhoopal) = Son of the earth, the planet Mars
भू-बंदी (Bhoo-bandi) = Pertaining to foot-soldiers
भू-लड़ाई (Bhoo-ladai) = Foot skirmish
भूभार (Bhoobhar) = Burden of the world as sustained by Vishnu when incarnate
भूमध्यरेखा (Bhoomadhayrekha) = Equator
भूमध्यसागर (Bhoomadhysagar) = The Mediterranean Sea
भूमध्यस्थ (Bhoomadhyasth) = Situated in the middle of the earth, surrounded by land
भूलोक (Bhoolok) = The terrestrial world
भूविज्ञान (Bhoovigyan) = Geology
भू-वैज्ञानिक (Bhoo-vigyanic) = Geologist
भूसुर (Bhoosur) = A brahman, earth-god
भूस्वामी (Bhoosvami) = Landowner, landlord
भूआ (Bhooa) = Cotton of the semal  tree, a hair caterpillar harmful to certain crops, fine hair
भूई (Bhooie) = Ashes, carrier of a  palanquin
भूक (Bhook) = Cleft as in the earth, time, hole
भूकड़ (Bhookad) = Hungry
भूख (Bhookh) = Appetite, desire, hunger
भूख मरना (Bhookh marna) = Appetite, hunger, to subside
भूख लगना (Bhookh lagna) = To be hungry, hunger to be felt by
भूखों मरना (Bhookhon marna) = To die of hunger, to starve
भूखों मार डालना (Bhookhon mar dalna) = To starve one to death
भूख-प्यास (Bhookh-pyas) = Appetite, hunger and  thirst
भूखा (Bhookha) = Starving, hungry, desirous
भूखे पेट (Bhookhe pet) = On an empty stomach
भूखा-नंगा (Bhookha-nanga) = Destitute, hungry and naked
भूड़ (Bhood) = Porous soil, a sandy
भूड़ल (Bhoodal) = Potstone, mica, soapstone
भूत (Bhoot) = An evil spirit, an ugly person, happened, earth, water, fire, air, ether, an ascetic
भूत उतारना (Bhoot utarna) = To cast out an evil spirit from
भूत सवार होना (Bhoot svar hona) = To be obsessed, to rage
भूत बनना (Bhoot bnana) = To rage, to become drunk
भूत लगना (Bhoot lagna) = To become possessed
भूत होना (Bhoot hona) = To rage
भूत-काल (Bhoot-kal) = Past tense, the past
भूत-ख़ाना (Bhoot-khana) = Dirty or neglected living quarters, fiends’ house
भूत-ग्रस्त (Bhoot-grast) = Possessed by an evil spirit
भूत-पूर्णिमा (Bhoot-purnima) = The full moon of the month Asvin
भूतपूर्व (Bhootpoorv) = Former, previous
भूत-प्रेत (Bhoot-pret) = Spirits of the dead which are not yet reincarnated, ghosts and spirits
भूत-यज्ञ (Bhoot-yag) = A sacrifice to be performed by a householder
भूतात्मा (Bhootatma) = The body, the soul, the supreme being
भूतारि (Bhootari) = Asafoetida, enemy of evil beings
भूतनी (Bhootni) = Demoness
भूति (Bhooti) = Ashes, power, birth, state of being, existence
भूनना (Bhoonana) = To bake, to roast, to burn, to cause suffering to
भूभल (Bhoobhal) = Hot embers
भूमा (Bhooma) = The earth
भूमि (Bhoomi) = The earth, agrarian land, area, region
भूमि-क्षरण (Bhoomi-kshran) = Erosion
भूमिसात (Bhoomisat) = In ruins a plan, levelled to the ground
भूमिहार (Bhoomihar) = Community of cultivators in Bihar and U.P. 
भूमिहीन (Bhoomiheen) = Landless
भूमिका (Bhoomika) = Preface, introduction to a book, role, preamble  
भूमिका अदा करना (Bhoomika ada karna) = To play a role or part
भूमिका बाँधना (Bhoomika bandhna) = To beat about the bush verbally
भूमिया (Bhoomiya) = Landowner, original inhabitant, local deity
भूमियाल (Bhoomiyal) = Home region
भूमियावत (Bhoomiyavt) = Laying waste by local chiefs, plundering
भूमियावती (Bhoomiyavati) = A rebel chief
भूय (Bhooyah) = Further, afterwards, repeatedly
भूयन (Bhooyan) = The headman of a Gond village 
भूर (Bhoor) = Sand, a spring, fountain, alms
भूर-लोक (Bhoor-lok) = This world, the earth
भूरा (Bhoora) = Brown colour, greyish, raw sugar, a westernised Indian, section of village land lying furthest from the village itself
भूरि (Bhoori) = Many, abundant, much
भूरि प्रशंसा करना (Bhoori prashansa karna) = To lavish praise on
भूरी (Bhoori) = Sandy soil
भूर्ज (Bhooraj) = A birch
भूल (Bhool) = Omission, mistake, error
भूल करना (Bhool karna) = To make a mistake
भूल-भुलैयाँ (Bhool-bhulayan) = Labytinth, maze
भूलना (Bhoolna) = To forget, to go astray, to overlook
भूलकर भी (Bhoolkar bhi) = On no account
भूला-चूका (Bhoola-chuka) = A forgetful or bad memory
भूला-बिसरा (Bhoola-bisra) = Wandering, forgotten, a casual visitor
भूला-भटका (Bhoola-bhatka) = Astray, wandering
भूषण (Bhooshan) = Decoration, adornment, ornament
भूषा (Bhoosha) = Fashionable style of clothing, ornamentation of dress
भूषित (Bhooshit) = Adorned
भूसा (Bhoosa) = Bran, chaff, husk,  straw
भूसा उड़ाना (Bhoosa udana) = To thrash, to lament
भूसा भरना (Bhoosa bharna) = To stuff with straw 
भूसा-जिंस (Bhoosa-jinas) = The various varieties of unhusked grain
भूसी (Bhoosi) = Chaff, bran, husk

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