Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kee | की से शब्द

कृ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कीक (keek) = Scream, cry
कीकना (keekna) = To scream, to cry out shrilly
कीकर (keekar) = The acacia, a small tree found chiefly in dry
कीकरी (keekri) = A wavy border, edging  of cloth
कीचड़ (keechad) = Mud, mire, gummy matter in the eyes
कीट (keet) = Sediment, dregs, an insect
कीट-विज्ञान (keet-vigyan) = Entomology
कीट-नाशक (keet-nashak) = Insecticide
कीटाणु (keetanu) = A microbe, germ
कीड़-खाया (keed-khaya) = Worm-eaten, decayed a tooth
कीड़ा (keeda) = An insect, a worm
कीड़े लगना (keeday lagna) = To be worm-eaten
कीड़े पड़ना (keeday padna) = Worm to appear in, to infest
कीड़ा-मकोड़े (keeday-makoude) = Insects
कीड़ा-कीड़ी (keeda-keedie) = Play and frolicking, a partic, childrens game
कीड़ी (keedy) = A worm, a small insect
कीनना (keenana) = To buy in Bihar
कीना (keena) = Malice, rancour, grudge
कीना रखना (keena rakhna) = To feel rancour, to nurse a grudge
कीने से (keenay se) = Maliciously
क़ीमत कम करना (keemat kam karna) = To beat down a price
क़ीमत चुकाना (keemat chukana) = To pay the price for something
क़ीमत लगाना (keemat lagana) = To fix the price of, to make an offer
क़ीमती (keemati) = Expensive, valuable, precious
क़ीमा (keema) = Minced meat, a meat curry
क़ीमा करना (keema karna) = To chop up meat fine, to hack
कीमिया (keemia) = Alchemy
कीर (keer) = A parrot
कीर्तन (keertan) = Group singing of hymns (bhajan) to a deity
कीर्तनकार (keertankaar) = A singer of bhajans, devotional singing
कीर्ति (keerti) = Fame, glory
कीर्ति करना (keerti karna) = To make a name, to acquire fame
कीर्ति-लेखा (keerti-lekha) = Inscription praising a king
कीर्ति-मान (keerti-maan) = A record
कीर्ति-स्तंभ (keerti-stamb) = Monument as to a person or to a dynasty
कील (keel) = A nail, tack, spike, peg, a nose pin or stud
कील-काँटा (keel-kanta) = Equipment, tools, accessories, attire
कीलक (keelak) = A peg, pin pivor
कीलना (keelna) = To pin, to fasten together, to spike a cannon, to silence one, to destroy by magic
कीला (keela) = A large nail, spike, peg
कीलिया (keelya) = The man who works the oxen at a well
कीली (keelie) = Peg, pivot, axis, spike in the yoke of a harness
कीलित (keelit) = Pinned, spiked
कीश (keesh) = An ape

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