Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Jau | जौ से शब्द

जौ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

जौं (Jaun)=whoever, thatजौंकना (Jaunkna)=to scold, to abuse
जौंची (Jaunchi)=a smut that prevents the growth of barley and wheatजौंडा (Jaunda)=a high platform used in fields to keep an eye on the crops
जौंडा (Jaunda)=payment of village servantsजौंरा भौंरा (Jaunra Bhaunra)=a vault, treasure room
जौ (Jau)=barley, milletजौ भर (Jau bhar)=the tiniest amount, a jot
जौ (Jau)=whoever, thatज़ौक़ (Zauk)=taste, pleasure
ज़ौक़ शौक़ (Zauk Shauk)=a great pleasure, delightजौन (Jaun)=same meaning as of जो
जौनार (Jaunar)=a feastजौर (Jaur)=wrong doing, injustice
जौलानी (Jaulani)=quickness, alertnessजौहर (Jauhar)=pyre (for suicide), a practice of taking one’s life by jumping into fire, essential quality, skill, merit
जौहरी (jauhari)=a jeweler, an expert

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