Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kha | ख से शब्द

ख से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खक्खा (khakkha) = Loud laughter 
खक्खा मारना (khakkha marna) = To guffaw
खखोलना (khakholna) = To search out, to search for 
खग (khag) = A bird, a cloud, a heavenly body
खग-केतु (khag-ketu) = Garur, the vehicle of Vishnu 
खगहा  (khagha) = A rhinoceros
खगोल (khagol) = A planet, the sphere of the heaven
खगोल-मिति (khagol-miti) = Mapping of heavens
खगोल-विद्य़ा (khagol-vidya) = Astronomy
खच-खच (khach-khach) = A  splashing or squelching noise
खचड़ा (khachda) = Crowded
खचना (khachna) = To be packed out, to be set in, to be studded with, to be cut, or engraved as lettering in rock
खचाखच (khachakhach) = Packed tightly, crowded
ख़चर-ख़चर (khachar-khachar) = A splashing or squelching sound
खचित (khachit) = Packed with, inlaid of  jewels, fastened
खचेड़ना (khachedna) = To drag along, to drag
ख़च्चर (khaachar) = A mule
ख़ज़ानची (khazanchi) = Cashier, treasurer
ख़ज़ाना (khazana) = A treasure, finance, revenue
खुले ख़ज़ाने (khule khazane) = Publicly, openly
खजूर (khajur) = The date-palm, a date
खजूरा (khajura) = Ridgepole of a thatched house
खजूरी (khajuri) = Plaited, made of date leaves as a fan, a basket, having to do with date-palm
खट (khat) = The sound of knocking
खट-खट (khat-khat) = Repeated knocking, noise 
खट-खट करना (khat-khat karna) = To make a clatter, to knock 
खट-पट (khat-pat) = Clashing, noise, wrangling 
खट-पटिया (khat-patia) = A noisy person, quarrelsome, wooden-soled sandals 
खटखटा (khatkhata) = A rattle to scar away birds, trouble 
खटाखट (khatakhat) = Forcefully and  continuously, quickly 
खटबुना (khatbuna) = A stringer of beds 
खटमल (khatmal) = Bed-bug 
खट-मुक्ता (khat-mukta) = A bed-wetter 
खटपद (khatpad) = Type of large black bee, an insect 
खट-रस () = The six literary savours (ras) 
खटराग (khatrag) = Discordant singing, assortment of belongings   
खटराग लाना (khatrag lana) = To create discord, to make a noise 
खटकना (khatkna) = To be a cause of unease, misgiving, or hesitation to 
खटका (khatka) = Sound of footsteps, a switch, a bolt, a scarecrow which is made to rattle by pulling a string  
खटका लगना (khatka lagna) = To feel misgivings 
खटकाना (khatkana) = To knock at, to cause unease, to make a sound of rattling 
खटखटाना (khatkhatana) = To make a rattling  noise 
खटना (khatna) = To work hard, to hold fast in a burdensome activity 
खटरिया (khatriya) = A kind of bug or insect 
खटला (khatla) = Household, wife and family 
खटवाँस (khatvans) = Retiring angrily to bed 
खटवाट (khatvas) = Bed, bed-board 
खटवारी (khatvari) = A manure pit 
खटाई (khataye) = Sourness, any acid substance 
खटाई करना (khataye karna) = To spoil 
खटाई खाना (khataye khana) = To take sour substance, to become pregnant 
खटाई में डालना (khataye mein dalna) = To keep a  person in suspense, to place in acid 
खटाई में पड़ना (khataye mein padna) = Left undecided a matter, to be placed in acid for cleaning  
खटाक (khatak) = A crashing noise
खटाक से (khatak se) = With a crash 
खटाना (khatana) = To become sour, acid, to exist, to find a resting-place 
खटास (khatas) = Acidity, sourness, an animal of the weasel family 
खटिक (khatik) = A seller of vegetables and fruit, a member of the khatik community 
खटिया (khatya) = A  small bedstead, a bed 
खटीक (khatik) = A tanner, a dealer in hides, a keeper of pigs and poultry 
खटोलना (khatolna) = A kind of net or snare
खटोला (khatola) = A small bedstead or bed
खट्टा (khatta) = Sour, acid, a citron
खट्टा-चूक (khatta-chook) = Very sour
खट्टा-मीठा (khatta-meetha) = A  pleasant taste, a mixed taste, sour and sweet
खट्टे-मीठे दिन (khatte-meethe din) = Good and bad times
खट्टा-मीठा खाना (khatta-meetha khana) = To take the good with the bad
खट्टापन (khattapan) = Acidity, sourness, tartness
खट्ट (khatt) = Industrious
खड्ग (khadag) = A sword
खड़ (khad) = Grass and trees, long thatching grass, straw
खड़-बीहड़ (khad-bihad) = Rough ground or way
खड़ंक (khandak) = Dried up as bread, dry
खड़ंजा (khadanja) = A row of bricks as laid in a floor
खड़क (khadak) = The sound of knocking, cow-shed, pound, a hurdle used as a door
खड़का (khadka) = A stalk, toothpick
खड़खड़ (khadkhad) = Sound of the rustling of fallen leaves
खड़बड़ा (khadbada) = Tumultuous, noisy, confused
खड़खड़ाना (khadkhdana) = To rattle, to clatter, to brandish a sword, to grind the teeth 
खड़खड़ाहट (khadkhdahat) = A rattling sound, a knocking
खड़खड़िया (khadkhadya) = A  dummy cart, a rattle-trap
खड़बड़ (khadbad) = Confusion, tumult, noise
खड़बड़ाना (khadbadana) = To stir up noise, to be tumultuous
खड़मंडल (khadmandal) = Confusion, wrangling
खड़सान (khadsan) = A whitestone
खड़ा (khada) = Erect, standing, perpendicular
खड़ा खेत (khada khet) = A ripe crop, a vertical plane
खड़ी पाई (khadi paie) = Abrupt, the vertical mark of punctuation
खड़ा जवाब (khada jawab) = A blunt answer, refusal, parked, moored
खड़ा पानी  (khada pani) = Stagnant water, constant, awaiting completion
खड़ा चना (khada chana) = Whole grain
खड़ी दाल (khadi daal) = Uncooked or half-cooked lentils
खड़ा दाँव (khada danv) = The last stake, a perpendicular
खड़ा करना (khada karna) = To set up, to erect, to raise, to initiate 
खड़ा रखना (khada rakhna) = To maintain, to support
खड़ा रहना (khada rehna) = To remain standing, to stay, to wait
खड़ा होना (khada hona) = To stand, to stand up, to rear up
खड़ी लगाना (khadi lagana) = To tread water in swimming
खड़े पाँव (khade panv) = Without delay, immediately
खड़े-खड़े (khade-khade) = Promptly, forthwith, immediately

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