Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kam and Kan | कं, कँ से शब्द

कं, कँ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कंक (kank) = A heron, Flesh eating bird, the white vulture
कंकड़ (kankad) = A stone, a hard piece, an uncut jewel 
कंकड़ का (kankad ka) = Made of limestone, metalled
कंकर-पत्थर (kankar-pathar) = Pebbles and stones, gravel, rubbish
कंकड़ी (kankdie) = A small stone, gravel
कँकड़ीलापन (kamkdilapan) = Stoniness of soil
कंकण (kankann) = A dagger, a metal bracelet
कंकरा  (kankraa) = A marble
कंकरे का आज़ार (kankre ka auzaar) = Stone in kidney
कंकरीट (kankreet) = Concrete
कंकरोल (kankroll) = A kind of gourd
कंकल (kankal) = A skeleton
कंकालकाय (kankaalkya) = Having the body wasted to a skeleton
कंकालशेष (kankaalshesh) = Remaining only as a skeleton
कंकालिन (kankaalyn) = A witch, hag
कंगन (kangan) = A bangle, bracelet of precious metal worn by woman, an iron bangle worn by Sikh men
कँगना (kangna) = A thread or string tied round the right wrist of a bridegroom and left of a bride at the marriage ceremony, a song sung at the tying of a kangna
कँगना खोलना (kangna kholna) = The marriage ceremony of untying the kangan
कँगनी (kanganie) = A small bracelet or bangle of glass or lac, a toothed edge, a millet
कंगला (kanglaa) = A pauper, a beggar
कंगाल (kangaal) = Poor, wretched 
कंगाल का कंगाल (kangaal kaa kangaal) = Poorest of the poor
कंगालपन (kangaalpan) = Poverty, wretched state
कंगाली (kangalie) = A pauper
कँगूरा (kangoora) = Upper moulding or ornamentation, cornice, parapet wall, pinnacle, crest  of bird, jewel in a crown
कँगूरेदार (kamgooredar) = Ornamented
कंघा (kanghaa) = A comb
कंघी (kanghie) = A small comb, 
कंघी-चोटी (kanghie-chotie) = Doing the hair of a woman
कँघेरा (kamghera) = A maker of combs
कंचन (kanchan) = Gold
कंचनी (kanchnie) = A dancing-girl, a prostitute
कँचली (kamchalie) = A snake’s slough
कंचुक (kanchuk) = A bodice, brassiere, a woman’s jacket
कँचेरा (kamchera) = A glass-worker
कंज (kanj) = Hair of the head, a lotus
कंजर (kanjar) = The scattered itinerant community, the members of which make and sell string, metal goods , an uncouth person 
कंजरों की बोली (kanjaron kee bolie) = The Romany language
कंजरपन (kanjarpan) = Uncouthness
कंजरी (kanjarie) = A kanjar woman, a kanjar’s wife, a prostitute
कंजा (kanjaa) = Having light-coloured eyes
कंजूस (kanjoos) = A miser, skinflint, niggardly
कंजूसी  (kanjoosie) = Miserliness, stinginess
कंटक (kantak) = A thorn, a troublesome person
कंटकाकीर्ण (kantkakiernn) = Thorny, troublesome
कंटकित (kantkyt) = Thorny
कंटकी (kantkie) = Thorny
कँटार (kamtaar) = Thorny
कँटिया (kamtya) = A hook, a fish-hook
कँटीला (kamtielaa) = Thorny, prickly, difficult of temperament, long and shapely eyes
कंठ (kanth) = The neck, throat, the Adam’s apple
कंठ-निकलना (kanth-niklnaa) = The Adam’s apple to develop, to arrive at  puberty
कंठ फूटना (kanth-footna) = A voice or the sound of singing, to be suddenly heard
कंठ रुँधना (kanth roomdhna) = The voice to be choked
कंठ करना (kanth karna) = To memorise
कंठ बैठना (kanth baithna) = The throat to become hoarse
कंठ को लगाना (kanth ko lagana) = To embrace one
कंठ होना (kanth hona) = To be memorised
कंठगत (kanthgat) = In one’s throat
कंठ-तालव्य (kanth-talavya) = Gutturo-palatal, mid-front vowel sound
कंठ-मणि (kanth-maany) = Jewel worn at the throat
कंठ-माला (kanth-maala) = A necklace, an infection or other complaint
कंठस्थ (kanthasth) = Known by heart
कंठाग्र (kanthaagar) = Learned by heart
कंठौष्ठय्य (kanthosthyya) = Gutturo-labial or mid-back vowel sounds
कंठला (kanthalla) = A necklace of pieces of gold or silver 
कंठा (kanthaa) = A gold necklace of large beads
कंठी (kanthie) = A necklace of small beads, a Vaisnava rosary
कंठय्य (kanthyya) = Having to do with the throat, guttural, velar, velar sound
कंठय्यक्षर (kanthyyakshar) = A letter  denoting a velar sound
कंडा (kandda) = A piece of dry dung to be distinguished from upla (a dung cake)
कंडाल (kanddal) = A wide-mouthed vessel of brass or iron, a musical instrument made of brass
कंडी (kanddie) = A container for burning cow-dung fuel, a stove, a basket, a long deep basket
कंडील (kanddeel) = A lampshade
कंडु (kanddu) = A skin complaint, itching
कंडुआ (kanddua) = Rust, ergot
कंडौरा (kanddaura) = A place where cow-dung is kept, where cow-dung cakes are made, a pile of cow-dung cakes
कंत (kantt) = Lover, dear husband
कंथा (kanthha) = A patched cloth or garment associated with yogis and ascetics
कंथाधारी (kanthha dharie) = Wearing a kanthha, a yogi
कंद (kand) = A bulbous root, an onion, a particular root, a lump
कंद-मूल (kand-mool) = Roots of different sorts, a particular vegetable
क़ंद (Qand) = White crystallised sugar
कंदन (kandan) = Destroying, extirpating
कंदर (kandar) = A cave, cavern
कंदरा (kandra) = A cave, cavern, abyss
कंदर्प (kandarp) = A title of Kama the god of love
कंदल (kandal) = War, battle, young shoot or spring 
कंदला (kandla) = Gold or silver wire, an ingot of gold or silver
कंदसार (kandsaar) = A stag, a deer
कंदा (kanda) = A  bulbous root, a squill
कंदुक (kanduk) = A ball
कंधर (kandhar) = The neck
कंधा (kandha) = The shoulder
कंधा डालना (kandha daalna) = To throw off the yoke, to give way, to lose heart
कंधा देना (kandha dena) = To take (a corpse on its bier) on the shoulder, to lend a shoulder 
कंधा लगना (kandha lagna) = A shoulder of an animal to be galled
कंधे चढ़ाना (kandhe chaddana) = To take place (a child) on one’s shoulder
कंधे से कंधा छिलना (kandhe se kandha chhilna) = A dense crowd to form
कंधे से कंधा मिलाना (kandhe se kandha milana) = To join forces, to work together
कंधे से लगाना (kandhe se lagana) = To lay a child against one’s shoulder
कँधियाना (kamdhiyana) = To shoulder something
कँधेला (kamdhelaa) = The end of a sari worn over the shoulder, saddle-cloth, pack-saddle
कंप (kanp) = Trembling, shaking, tremor
कंपमान (kanpmaan) = Tremulous, shaking
कँपकँपी (kampkampie) = A shivering, shiver
कंपन (kanpan) = A trembling, shaking, quivering, shivering
कँपना (kampanaa) = To tremble
कंपनी-बाग़ (kanpanie-baag) = Botanical gardens, a public garden, domain
कंपनी-राज (kanpany-raaj) = The Company’s rule
कंपा (kanpaa) = A long stick, a snare
कंपा मारना (kanpaa marna) = To catch birds with a kanpaa, to ensnare
कँपाना (kampaana) = To cause to tremble, or to shake
कंपायमान (kanpayamaan) = Trembling, tremulous
कंपास (kanpass) = A compass, a magnetic compass, a theodolite or similar instrument
कंपास लगाना (kanpass lagaana) = To set up a theodolite to make a survey, to make a survey of
कंपास का महकमा (kanpass ka mehkmaa) = The Indian land survey department
कंपासवाला (kanpassvaala) = A surveyor
कंपित (kanpyt) = Made to tremble, tremulous, trembling, fear-stricken, fearful
कंपू (kanpoo) = A camp
कंपू चढ़ाना (kanpoo chadaana) = To strike camp
कंबल (kanbbal) = A blanket
कंबल डालकर (kanbbal daalkar) = Under the blanket doing something surreptitiously
कंबु (kanbbu) = A conch shell
कंबुकंठ (kanbbukanth) = Having a neck marked with three auspicious lines or folds suggestive of a conch shell
कंबोज (kanbboj) = The region of Kamboj, Cambay, the name of a raag
कँवल-बाई (kamval-vaayee) = Jaundice
कँसताल (kamstaal) = Cymbals
कँसार (kamsaar) = An engraver on metal
कँसुआ (kamsuaa) = A caterpillar that attacks young shoots of sugar-cane

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