Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ghoo | घू से शब्द

घू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

घूँघट (Ghoonghat)= the end of sari, or other cloth used by a woman to hide the face
घूँघट उठाना (Ghoonghat uthana)= to raise a covering from the face
घूँघट करना (Ghoonghat karna)= to hide or to veil (the face)
घूँघट की ओट में चोट (Ghoonghat ki oat me chot)= riding rough-shod over a woman’s feelings
घूँघनी (Ghoonghani)= wheat, gram or peas, soaked and boiled with spices
घूँघर (Ghoonghar)= a curl, very curly hair
घूँट (Ghoont)= a gulp, a pull (as at a pipe)
घूँट भरना (Ghoont bharna)= to take a mouthful
घूँटना (Ghoontana)= to gulp, to swallow
घूँसा (Ghoonsa)= a blow with the fist, the fist
घूँसा खाना (Ghoonsa khana)= to be struck with the fist
घूँसा मारना (Ghoonsa marna)= to strike with the fist
घूँसेबाज़ (Ghoonsebaaz)= a boxer
घूआ (Ghooaa)= the ends of reeds (source of a coarse cotton fibre), an insect found in water or marshy land
घूघस (Ghooghas)= a bastion; outwork
घूटी (Ghooti)= land which has been cropped for rice
घूम (Ghoom)= a turning round; revolution, a going round or encircling
घूमना (Ghoomna)= to spin, to turn, to turn around
घूमर (Ghoomar)= turning around: blowing
घूर (Ghoor)= rubbish, loose sandy soil, a stare, a glare
घूरना (Ghoorna)= to go or to roll round, to look round or about, to stare intently
घूरा (Ghoora)= a dung-heap, a temporary fireplace
घूर्ण (Ghoorn)= whirling, rolling
घूस (Ghoos)= the bandicoot rat, a bribe; a gift
घूसखोर (Ghooskhor)= one who takes bribes
घूसा (Ghoosa)= the fist

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