Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kaa | का से शब्द

का से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

का (ka) = of, belonging to
काई (kaie) = Scum on stagnant water, mould on walls and pavements, moss, rust
काई सा फट जाना (kaie sa fat jana) = To be dispersed like scum on water, to be dispersed temporarily
काक (kak) = A crow, a cunning fellow, a cork
काक-भुशुंडि (kak-bhushundi) = Name of a devotee of Ram who was cursed by the sage Lomasa for the imperfection of his belief
काकड़ा (kakda) = Stiff leather, a large or stiff wick
काकड़ासिंगी (kakdasingi) = The tree Pistacia integerrima, and the galls formed on its leaves used medicinally
काकली (kakly) = A low, soft sound
काकलोद (kaklodh) = Attachment, longing
काका (kaka) = Senior male relative, a father’s younger brother
काकातुआ (kakatua) = Cockatoo
काकिनी (kakinie) = Small coin, a partic
काकी (kakie) = Senior female relative, aunt, mother
काकु (kaku) = Sarcasm,taunt, secret jibe
काकुन (kakun) = A millet, Panicum italicum
काकुल (kakul) = Lock of hair
काख (kakh) = The armpit
काग (kag) = A crow, a cork
काग उठाना (kag uthana) = To raise the uvula of an infant 
काग-भुसुंड (kag-bhusundi) = A big crow, a crow like Bhusundi
काग़ज़ (kagaj) = Paper, a document, an account, note, bond
काग़ज़ काला करना (kagaj kala karna) = To blacken paper, to write a little point
काग़ज़ की नाव (kagaj kee naav) = A paper boat which will not survive long
काग़ज़ के घोड़े दौड़ाना (kagaj ke ghode daudana) = To keep up an active correspondence
काग़ज़ खोलना (kagaj kholna) = To open the papers of, to expose the misdeeds of
काग़ज़-क़लम (kagaj-kalam) = Paper and pen, stationery
काग़ज़-पत्र (kagaj-pattar) = Papers, documents
काग़ज़-फ़रोश (kagaj-frosh) = A paper-seller, stationer
काग़ज़ात (kagajat) = Documents, records
काग़ज़ी (kagajee) = Made of paper, done on paper, thin, soft as skin of nut, delicate
काग़ज़ी-कारवाई (kagajee-karvaie) = Paper-work
काग़ज़ी-सबूत (kagajee-saboot) = Documentary evidence
कागर (kagar) = Wing
कागा (kaga) = A crow
कागा-रोल (kaga-roll) = The cawing of crows, chattering, din
कागौर (kagour) = Crow’s morsel, the remains of bread-cakes from a shradh ceremony
काच-लवन (kach-lavan) = Black salt
काच-मणि (kach-mani) = Crystal, quartz
काछ (kachh) = The ends ot dhoti tucked in at the waist behind, shorts, the loins
काछ-काछना (kachh-kachhna) = To wear a kachh, to play a role
काछ-खोलना (kachh-kholna) = To have sexual intercourse
काछ-मारना (kachh-marna) = To put on a kachh
काछन (kachhan) = Woman, wife of a kachhi
काछना (kachhna) = To put on dhoti, to skim milk, to collect exudation of opium, 
काछनी (kachhnie) = Cloth worn over a kachh
काछा (kachha) = Kachh
काछा कसना (kachha kasna) = To put on a kachh, to grid the loins, to prepare
काछी (kachhie) = A community of market gardeners
काज (kaaj) = Task, work, activity, occupation, affair, a matter in hand, purpose
काज-सँवारना (kaaj-samvarna) = To achieve a goal or purpose, to complete a task
काज-काजे (kaaj-kaajey) = For the purpose of, on account of
काजल (kajal) = Lampblack, soot
काजल का तिल (kajal ka til) = Beauty-spot
काजल की कोठरी (kajal kee kathari) = Lampblack-room, cellar, a place or an affair from which one cannot emerge without a stain on one’s character
काजल लगाना (kajal lagana) = To apply lampblack to the eyes
काजी (kajie) = Active, employed, working, a workman
क़ाज़ी (kaajie) = A judge, magistrate
क़ाज़ी जी दुबले क्यों (kaajie jee duble  kyon) = If the kaajie is thin it’s because of his officious worries about the city
काजू (kaju) = The cashew-nut
काजू-भोजू (kaju-bhoj) = Showy but insubstantial as cheap jewellery
काट (kaat) = Cutting, separation, a cut, a wound, slice, chip, eraser, trimming, channel, damage, deceit, retrenchment
काट करना (kaat karna) = A cut, to corrode, to destroy
काट-छाँट (kaat-chhant) = Prunning, cutting and clipping, lopping, economies in expenditure
काट-छाँट करना (kaat-chhant karna) = To cut and chip
काट-पीट (kaat-peet) = Cancellations, corrections
काट-फाँस (kaat-faans) = Manoeuvring, double-dealing
काट-फाँस करना (kaat-faans karna) = To cut and chip, to speak maliciously, to intrigue
काटन (kaatan) = Cutting, clipping, trimming
काटना (kaatna) = To cut, to saw, to gnaw, to spend time, to deduct
काट खाना (kaat khaana) = To bite
काटा (kaata) = One who is bitten, a bite
काटा-काटी (kaata-kaatie) = Cutting and hacking, slaughter, massacre
काटे-खाना (kaate-khaana) = To be oppressive, to torment as longing
काटू (kaatu) = Prone to bite an animal, irritable, stinging, the cashew-nut tree
काठ (kaath) = Wood, a piece of timber, log, stocks

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