Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ka | क से शब्द

क से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कबहुं (kabhun) = Sometimes, indeed
कई (kaie) = Several, a few
कई एक (kaie ek) = Some few  (particular ones)
कई बार  (kaie bar) = Several times
ककड़ी (kakadie) = A type of cucumber
ककड़ी-खीरा समझना (kakadie-kheera samjhna) = To think of one as insignificant or contemptible
ककना (kaknaa) = A metal bangle, a particular weed which chokes crops
ककनूँ (kaknoon) = The phoenix bird
ककमारी (kakmarie) = The plant Anamirta cocculus the seeds of which yield a poison that can be used to kill fish
ककहरा (Kakahra) = The Indian syllabary, the alphabet, ABC
ककुभ (kakubh) = Something high, or projecting, a part of a Vina
ककोड़ा (kakoda) = A cucurbitaceous plant of which the fruit is red when ripe
ककोरना (kakorna) = To scratch, to scoop out
कक्कड़ (kakkad) = Cut tobacco, a kind of hookah
कक्ष (kaksh) = The armpit or adjoining area, a private room, a public room
कक्षा (kakshaa) = Orbit of a heavenly body, a class, comparison
कखरी (kakhri) = The armpit
कखौरी (kakhourie) = A boil or other swelling in the armpit
कगार (kagaar) = A parapet, a slope, overhanging section, cornice
कच (kach) = The hair of the head, sound of cutting, squelching sound
कचदिला (kachdila) = Irresolute, cowardly
कचपेंदिया (kachpendya) = An unstable person, a weak, fickle person
कचलोहा (kachloha) = Iron ore, pig-iron
कचक (kachak) = A jerk, shock, a strain or sprain
कच-कच (kach-kach) = Grating sound, crunching sound, chatter hubbub, wrangling
कच-कच करना (kach-kach karna) = To wrangle, to chatter
कचकचाना (kachkachaana) = To grate, to chatter, to wrangle, to grind the teeth
कचकचाहट (kachkachaht) = Wrangling, altercation, confusion
कचकना (kachkanaa) = To be jerked, to be sprained, to be twisted
कचकाना (kachkaana)  = To twist, to break or to snap a small branch
कचकेला (kachkela) = A kind of plantain grown for its half-ripe fruit used as a vegetable
कचकोल (kachkol) = A beggar’s cup or bowl
कचनार (kachnaar) = A moderate-sized deciduous tree, an erect  shrub
कच-पच (kach-pach) = A crowd, dense mass, packed, crammed together
कचपचिया (kachpachya) = Crowded together
कचपचिया नक्षत्र (kachpachya nakshtar) = The Pleiades
कचपची (kachpachie) = The Pleiades
कचमच (kachmach) Babble, gibberish
कचर-कचर (kachar-kachar) = The sound of something juicy being eaten, aimless chatter, or quarrelling
कचरना (kachrna) = To be trampled, to be mixed in as flour into liquid
कचरा (kachra) = An aromatic root of the genus Curcuma, a small unripe melon, rubbish, sweepings, straw, husks, a pod of the cotton-tree
कचरी (kachrie) = A small green and yellow striped melon
कचलोन (kachlon) = Black salt
कचवा (kachvaa) = To be irritated
कचवाट (kachvaat) = Irritation, aversion
कचहरिया (kacheharya) = Having to do with a court
कचहरी (kachehrie) = A court, a public office, the business of a court
कचहरी करना (kachehrie karna) = To hold a court
कचहरी का (kachehrie ka) = Pertaining to a court or office
कचहरी चड़ना (kachehrie chadna) = To go to court 
कचहरी बरख़ास्त करना (kachehrie barkhasat karna) = To adjourn a court
कचहरी लगना (kachehrie lagna) = A court to be established
कचहरी लगाना (kachehrie lagaana) = To make a great to-do
कचाई (kachaie) = Unripeness
कचाकच (kachakach) = Densely packed, crowded, pulling, brawl
कचालू (kachaloo) = A kind of arvi, a salad
कचालू बनाना (kachaloo bananaa) = To beat to a pulp
कचिया (kachyya) = Timid,shy, a sickle
कचियाना (kachyyana) = To be timid, to draw back from
कचूमर (kachoomar) = Sweet fruit pickle
कचूमर निकलना (kachoomar niklna) = To be at one’s wits’ end
कचूमर निकालना (kachoomar nikalna) = To make mincemeat of, to ruin through misuse
कचूर (kachoor) = The tuberous plant zedoary, dark green
कचूरना (kachoorna) = To crush, to cut to slice, to pick to pieces
कचोका (kachoka) = Piercing, stab, blow
कचोट (kachot) = Vexation, galling feeling
कचोटना (kachotna) = To feel vexation, to gall
कचोना (kachona) = To pierce, to stab
कचौड़ी (kachoudie) = A kind of puri having a filling of lentils and deep-fried
कच्चा (kachcha) = Uncooked, raw, untreated, unfired brick
कच्चा माल (kachcha maal) = Raw material, unripe, green as wood, fruit
कच्चा फोड़ा (kachcha foda) = A boil not come to a head
कच्चा चिट्ठा (kachcha chittha) = A rigmarole
कच्चा चिट्ठा खोलना (kachcha chittha kholna) = To tell a whole discreditable story
कच्चा बच्चा (kachcha bachcha) = A very young child
कच्चा हाल (kachcha haal) = An unvarnished story, a bona fide account
कच्ची उमर (kachchie umar) = Immature age
कच्चे दिन (kachche din) = The first four or five months of pregnancy, preliminary
कच्ची आमदनी (kachchie amdanie) = Gross-proceeds
कच्ची वही (kachchie vahie) = Rough book
कच्ची सिलाई (kachchie silayie) = Tacking, basting of a garment
कच्ची सड़क (kachchie sadk) = An unmetalled road
कच्चे अक्षर (kachche akshar) = Unpractised writing, poorly formed characters 
कच्चे पड़ना (kachche padna) = To turn out incorrect, unsteady
कच्चा करना (kachcha karna) = To make angry, to irritate
कच्चा जी (kachcha jee) = A faint heart, tender heart, a sketch, draft
कच्चा खाना (kachcha khana) = To ear raw, to eat one alive
कच्चा कोढ़ (kachcha kodhh) = Syphilis
कच्ची गोटियाँ खेलना (kachchie gotian khelna) = To play with earthen pieces
कच्ची गोलीयाँ खेलना (kachchie golian khelna) = To do childish, to act in an immature way, uncertain
कच्चा-पक्का (kachcha-pakka) = Half-cooked, half-ripe, uncertain
कच्चा-पक्का करना (kachcha-pakka karna) = To prepare partially, to leave incomplete, to spoil
कच्ची-पक्की (kachchie-pakkie) = A mixture of things of different quality
कच्चापन (kachchapn) = Unripen
कच्चाहट (kachchahat) = Unripeness
कच्चू (kachchoo) = A tuberous arum plant, taro
कच्छ (kachh) = Low-lying ground by a river, the end of the dhoti drawn between the legs
कच्छप (kachchhp) = A tortoise, turtle, the second or tortoise avatar of Vishnu
कच्छपी (kachchhpie) = A female tortoise
कच्छा (kachchha) = A tight loin-cloth

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