Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Phoo | फू से शब्द

फू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

फूँ (Phoon) = Hiss of a snake, snort of a horse, snuffing of a dog
फूँ-करना (Phoon-karna) = To hiss 
फूँ फूँ करना (Phoon phoon karna) = To fret and fume, to snort
फूँक (Phoonk) = A breath, puff of air, blowing, blowing up a fire
फूँक चलाना (Phoonk chlana) = To practice incantation
फूँक निकल जाना (Phoonk nikal jana) = To expire
फूँक मारते ही (Phoonk marte hei) = In a jiffy
फूँक लगाना (Phoonk lgana) = To puff as at a cigarette
फूँक सा (Phoonk sa) = Insubstantial, frail
फूँकना (Phoonkna) = To blow up a fire, to blow a wind instrument, to whisper in the ear, to influence one
फूँक-फूँककर चलना (Phoonk-phoonkkar chalna) = To act with caution, to tread carefully
फूकर (Phookar) = A fine sensible young fellow
फूट (Phoot) = Split, dissension, rift, bursting open, a musk-melon
फूट पड़ना (Phoot padna) = Dissension to arise among or between
फूट डालना (Phoot dalna) = To sow discord between
फूट-वैर (Phoot-vair) = Dissension and hostility
फूटन (Phootan) = A fragment, breaking, racking pain in the bones or joints
फूटना (Phootna) = To split, to burst open, to erupt
फूटे मुँह से न बोलना (Phoote munh se na bolna) = Not to speak on any account to
फूट पड़ना (Phoot padna) = To erupt, to break to pieces
फूट फूटकर रोना (Phoot phootkar rona) = To burst into tears
फूटी आँखों न देख सकना (Phooti ankhon na dekh sakna) = Not to be able to stand the sight of 
फूट-बिखेरा (Phoot-bikhera) = Dispersed, scattered
फूटला (Phootna) = Bad coin, cracked
फूत्कार (Phootkar) = Hissing of a snake
फूपस (Phoopas) = Aunt of a wife or husband
फूपसरा (Phoopsra) = Uncle of a wife or husband
फूफा (Phoopha) = Uncle, husband of paternal aunt
फूफी (Phoophi) = Paternal aunt
फूल (Phool) = A flower, flower-shaped, stud, a spark, the ashes of a cremated body, menstrual discharge 
फूल आना (Phool ana) = Flowers to appear on, menstruation to come on
फूल उठना (Phool uthna) = Cremated ashes to be consigned to the Ganges, the Muslim ceremony of phul on the third day after a death
फूल चढ़ाना (Phool chdana) = To offer flowers at a shrine 
फूल झड़ना  (Phool jhdna) = To speak eloquently, sparks to shoot or to fall, drops of burning oil to fall from a lamp
फूल झाड़ना (Phool jhadna) = To quench a flame
फूल सूंघकर जीना (Phool sunghkar jeena) = To have a soul above food
फूलों का गहना (Phoolon ka gehna) = A garland of flowers
फूलों में तुलना (Phoolon mein tulna) = To live in luxury
फूल गोभी (Phool gobhi) = Cauliflower
फूल-छड़ी (Phool-chhadi) = Flower-stick used in a marriage ceremony
फूल-दान (Phool-dan) = Receptacle for flowers
फूलदार (Phooldar) = Having flowers, flowered as a pattern
फूल-पत्ती (Phool-patti) = Petal, flower-leaf
फूल-पान (Phool-pan) = Soft, tender
फूलवाला (Phoolvala) = A flower-seller, flowered as a design
फूल-सा (Phool-sa) = Frail, delicate, flower-like
फूलना (Phoolna) = To bloom, to swell with vain pride, to be radiant, to flourish
फूल उठना (Phool uthna) = To bloom, to be radiant
फूले न समाना (Phoole na smana) = To be unable to contain oneself for joy
फूला फूला (Phoola phoola) = Roasted burst grain, a wide boiling-pan
फूला-फला (Phoola-phala) = Flourishing, blooming
फूस (Phoos) = Hay, old dry straw used for thatching
फूस का तापना (Phoos ka tapna) = A vain attempt, warming oneself before a fire of straw
फूस में चिनगारी डालना (Phoos mein chingari dalna) = To excite contention or strife, to throw a spark into straw
फूसड़ा (Phoosda) = A rag
फूहड़ (Phood) = Shameless, stupid, uncouth
फूहड़पन (Phoohdpan) = Shamelessness, uncouthness, obscenity
फूही (Phoohi) = Fine rain

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