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Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kai | कै से शब्द

कै से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कैंड़ा (kainda) = Measure, cut, type
कैंची (Kainchi) = Scissors, shears, boards, a leg hold in wrestling
कैंची-काटना (Kainchi-katana) = To slip away
कैंची-लगाना (Kainchi-lagana) = To apply scissors, or shears to
क़ै (Qui) = Vomiting, vomit
क़ै-आना (Qui-ana) = To feel nausea
क़ै-करना (Qui-karana) = To vomit
क़ै-लेना (Qui-lena) = To induce vomiting
क़ै-लानेवाला (Qui-lanewala) = Emetic
क़ै-दस्त (Qui-dast) = Vomiting with diarrhoea, cholera
कैटभ (kaitabh) = Name of an Asura demon killed by Vishnu
कैथ (kaitth) = The wood-apple and its small, hard fruit
कैथी (kaitth) = A modified form of the Devanagari script used in Bihar
क़ैद (Qaid) = Imprisonment, confinement, restriction
क़ैद-करना (Qaid-karna) = To imprison, to capture
क़ैद-काटना (Qaid-katna) = Undergo a term of imprisonment
क़ैद-रखना (Qaid-rakhna) = To keep in custody
क़ैद-रहना (Qaid-rahna) = To remain in custody
क़ैद-लगाना (Qaid-lagana) = To impose a restriction
क़ैद-ख़ाना (Qaid-Khaana) = A jail
क़ैद-तन्हाई (Qaid-tanhai) = Solitary confinement
क़ैदिन (Qaidin) = A female prisoner
क़ैदी (Qaidi) = A prisoner, a captive
कैन (kain) = A bamboo twig
कैरव (kairav) = A white water-lily, or lotus
कैरा (kairaa) = Squint-eyed
कैरी (kairie) = A small unripe mango, a locket made in the shape of a mango
कैल (kail) = Yellowish grey or cream-coloured of cattle
कैलास (kailaas) = Name of a mountain supposed to be located in Tibet near the Mansarovar Lake and main abode of  Siva
कैवल्य (kaivalya) = Absolute singleness of state, state of oneness with the absolute being
क़ैसर (Qaisar) = An emperor, an empress
कैसा (kaisa) = Of what kind, what sort of, in what condition
कैसा ही (kaisa-hee) = Of whatever sort, in whatever way
कैसी-कैसी सुनाना (kaisi-kaisi sunana) = To give a straight talking-to

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