Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kau | कौ से शब्द

कौ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

कौंचा (kauncha) = A ladle, skimmer, stirrer
कौंध (kaundh) = Flash as of lightning, sudden dazzling light 
कौंधना (kaundhna) = To flash as lightning
कौंधा (kaundha) = Flash of lightning
कौंला (kaunla) = A type of large, sweet orange
कौंसिल (kounsil) = Council
कौटुंबिक (kautumbik) = Pertaining to family, forming a family, having a family
कौड़ा (kauda) = A fire lit in the open to give warmth
कौड़ियाला (kaudiyalla) = Coloured, marked like a cowrie, braided, spotted snake
कौड़िल्ला (kaudilla) = Kind of kingfisher
कौड़ी (kaudie) = A small shell, a cowrie, a small amount of money, a gland, a hard swelling
कौड़ी का (kaudie ka) = To be of no real value
कौड़ियों के मोल (kaudiyon ke moul) = Dirt cheap
कौड़ी को तंग (kaudie ko tang) = To be hard pressed for every farthing 
कौड़ी को न पूछना (kaudie ko na puchhna) = To hold in no esteem
कौड़ी कौड़ी (kaudie kaudie) = Every last cowrie 
कौड़ी कौड़ी भर पाना (kaudie kaudie bhar paana) = To receive payment to the last farthing
कौड़ी कौड़ी लेना (kaudie kaudie lena) = To exact payment in full
कौड़ी भर (kaudie bhar) = A very little
कौणप (kaunnap) = A demon or goblin
कौतुक (kautuk) = Curiosity, a show, festive activity, trick. Wile 
कौतुकी (kautukie) = Festive, merry, having an interesting art or skill, mischievous
कौन (kaun) = Who, which used for persons or of particular things
कौन-सा (kaun-sa) = Which of a set range of possibilities
कौपीन (kaupeen) = Loin-cloth of an ascetic, the genitals
क़ौम (kaum) = A people, a nation, tribe, race
क़ौमपरस्त (kaumparast) = Nationalis
कौमार (kaumaar) = Pertaining to a youth or to a young girl, childhood, pertaining to sexual abstinence
कौमार-व्रत (kaumaar-vrat) = Vow of celibacy
कौमार्य (kaumarya) = State of youthfulness, virginity
क़ौमियत (kaumyat) = Nationality
क़ौमी (kaumie) = National, tribal
कौमुदी (kaumudie) = Moonlight which causes the night-lotus, kumuda to blossom, elucidation, the day of full moon in the month Karttik
कौमोदकी (kaumodkie) = The club of Vishnu/Krishna
कौर (kaur) = A mouthful of food
कौर करना (kaur karna) = To ear
कौरव (kaurav) = Connected with Kuru, a descendant of Kuru
कौरा (kaura) = Recess, side, corner of a room, a door
क़ौल (kaul) = Assertion, promise, word
क़ौल का पक्का (kaul ka pacca) = True to one’s word
क़ौल तोड़ना (kaul todna) = To break one’s word
क़ौल देना (kaul dena) = To give one’s word
क़ौल से फिरना (kaul se firna) = To go back on one’s word
क़ौल वक़ौल (kaul-vkaul) = According to the saying
कौल (kaul) = Good family, a well-born man, a follower of Sakta beliefs or practices
कौली (kaulie) = Bosom, lap, embrace, armful
कौली भरना (kaulie bharna) = To embrace
कौवा (kauva) = A crow, a cunning fellow, the uvula
कौवा-डोंडी (kauva daundi) = A species of Agallochum
कौवा-लुकान (kauva-lukaan) = Hiding a crow, several inches high a young crop
कौश (kaush) = Silken
कौशल (kaushal) = Skill, dexterity, a craft, handicraft
कौशल्या (kaushalya) = Name of the wife of Dashrath, and mother of Ram
कौशेय (kaushey) = Silken
कौस्तुम (kaustum) = Name of the jewel worn by Krishan on his breast

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