Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Kho | खो से शब्द

खो से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खोंखना (khonkhna) = To cough, to clear the throat of phlegm
खोंच (khonch) = A puncture, stab, a scratch, tear 
खोंच आना (khonch ana) = To be torn, scratched
खोंचड़ (khonchad) = A idle fellow, rascal
खोंचना (khonchna) = To tear, to  pierce, to  thrust, to puncture
खोंचा (khoncha) = A prick, stab, a thrust
खोंची (khonchi) = A protruding part, a small amount of grain given to a beggar, a pole with net attached for collecting fruits in Bihar
खोंट (khont) = Pruning, breaking off
खोंटना (khontna) = To prune, to break off
खोंडर (khondar) = Leaving on the threshing floor
खोंता (khonta) = A bird’s nest
खोंपा (khonpa) = A  woman’s hair tied up on top of the head
खोंसना (khonsna) = To tuck in, to thrust into
खोआ (khoaa) = Thickened milk, plaster, mortar
खोइया (khoiya) = A marriage dance, a play performed at the bride’s house by the  women of a bridegroom’s party
खोई (khoi) = Crushed sugar-cane, an empty shell, husk
खोखला (khokhla) = Something hollow as a tree or a tooth, empty, cracked, decayed
खोखा (khokha) = A boy, a paid bill or draft, a paper bag
खोखी (khokhi) = A girl
खोज (khoj) = Search, enquiry, trace
खोज करना (khoj karna) = To search out, to search for
खोज निकालना (khoj nikalna) = To trace, to find a clue
खोज मिटाना (khoj mitana) = To  wipe out all trace of 
खोज मिलना (khoj nikalna) = To get an inkling, to find the track
खोज में रहना (khoj mein rehna) = To be on the lookout for faults 
खोज लगाना (khoj lagana) = To set up a search for 
खोज-ख़बर लेना (khoj-khabar lena) = To enquire about one
खोज-खाज (khoj-khaj) = Close search, enquiry, effort
खोजक (khojak) = Investigator, a searcher
खोजना (khojna) = To explore, to search out, to search for, to enquire
ख़ोजा (khhoja) = A eunuch, name of a west Indian Muslim community
खोजाना (khojana) = To cause to be searched for
खोजी (khoji) = One who searches, searching
खोट (khot) = Vice, wickedness, fraud, falsehood, fault, loss in trade
खोट करना (khot karna) = To commit a fault, to cause to loss, to practice fraud
खोट मिलाना (khot milana) = To adulterate
खोट निकालना (khot nikalna) = To find faults with, to detect faults in
खोटा (khota) = Treacherous, false, wicked, vicious, defective
खोटी-खरी सुनाना (khoti-khari sunana) = To abuse, to use bad language to, to speak harshly
खोटा-खरा (khota-khara) = Bad and good
ख़ोटी-बात (khhoti-bat) = Foul language
खोटापन (khotapan) = Flaw, deceit, fraudulence
खोड़ (khod) = An unlucky moment, the anger of a  spirit, the curse of god
खोडर (khodar) = A hollow in a tree
खोद (khod) = Digging, investigation
खोदना (khodna) = To dig out, to excavate, to engrave, to carve
खोदकर पूछना (khodkar puchhna) = To question closely
ख़ोनचा (khhoncha) = A  hawker’s tray or case
खोना  (khona) = To lose, to cause to be lost, to waste
खोप (khop) = A woman’s hair tied up behind, a hole, tear as in material to be sewn
खोप भरना (khop bharna) = To sew together with long stitches
खोपड़ी (khopdi) = The skull, coconut kernel or shell
खोपड़ी चाटना (khopdi chatna) = To  worry one, to plague
खोपड़ी खुजलाना (khopdi khujlana)  = To bring a beating upon one’s head
खोपड़ी गंजी करना (khopdi ganji karna) = To beat one’s skull bare
खोपरा (khopra) = Shell, coconut, the skull
खोपरे का तेल (khopre ka tel) = Coconut oil
खोपा (khopa) = Corner of a thatch or a house, coconut kernel
खोबार (khobar) = A pigsty
खोर (khor) = An alley, a cavern, a hollowed-out place
ख़ोर (khhor) = Formant eating
खोरा (khora) = Lame
खोरी (khori) = A narrow valley, a sunken lane or alley
खोल (khol) = Cavity, the act of opening, case or cover, a hollow, a slot in Bihar
खोलना (kholna) = To uncover, to solve, to clear, to open, to untie
खोलकर (kholkar) = Plainly, warmly, openly
खोली (kholi) = A small room
खोह (khoh) = A cave, den of a wild beast, a pit, a chasm

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