Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Joo | जू से शब्द

जू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

जूँ (Joon) = A tiny object, a louse  
जूँ की चाल चलना (Joon ki chal chalna) = To move at the speed of a tortoise
जूँ दिखाना (Joon dikhana) = To get one to search for lice
जूँ देखना (Joon dekhna) = To search for lice
जूँ पड़ना (Joon padna) = To become infested with lice 
जूएँ मारना (Jooen marna) = To kill lice, to dilly-dally
जूँ-मुँहा (Joon-munha) = Hypocritical, smooth-tongued
जूझ (Joojh) = Struggle, fighting, battle
जूझना (Joojhna) = To struggle, to fight with, to wage war with
जूझ मरना (Joojh marna) = To die fighting
जूट (Joot) = The matted or twisted hair of an ascetic or of the god Siva
जूठन (Joothan) = Remnants of food, an object previously used by another
जूठा (Jootha) = Made impure, tasted food, left uneaten, made impure cooking
जूड़ (Jood) = Cold
जूड़ा (Jooda) = The hair coiled or tied up behind, cold
जूड़ी (Joodi) = A shivering fit, fever
जूड़ी आना (Joodi ana) = A fever to be felt coming on
जूत (Joot) = A shoe, slipper
जूत-ख़ोरा (Joot-khora) = Beaten with shoes
जूत-पैज़ार (Joot-paijar) = Fighting with shoes 
जूता (Joota) = A shoe, a pair of shoes, slippers, sandals
जूता मारना (Joota marna) = To pick up a shoe to beat one, to perform debasing tasks
जूता काटना (Joota katna) = A shoe to pinch
जूता खाना (Joota khana) = To suffer a shoe-beating, to be treated insultingly
जूता गाँठना (Joota ganthna) = To mend a shoe, to do unclean work
जूता चलना (Joota chalna) = Vindictive quarrel, a fracas
जूता पड़ना (Joota padna) = Shoe to fall upon
जूता खाना (Joota khana) = To receive a humiliating rebuff
जूता बरसना (Joota barsna) = To treat contemptuously, to give one a shoe-beating
जूता लगना (Joota lagna) = A shoe to pinch
जूते का यार (Joote ka yaar) = One only fit to be beaten
जूते सिर पर रखकर भागना (Joote syr par rakhkar bhagna) = To take to one’s heels
जूते सीधे करना (Joote sidhe karna) = To set another’s shoes straight, to fawn upon
जूताख़ोर (Jootakhor) = One who has suffered a shoe-beating, mean
जूता-जूती पर आना (Joota-jooti par ana) = To come to blows
जूती (Jooti) = A small shoe, slipper, a woman’s shoe, sandal
जूतीयाँ मारना (Jootian marna) = Contemptible, of no worth, base 
जूती पर जूती चढ़ना (Jooti par jooti chadna) = Regarded as the sign of an impending journey
जूती पर रखकर रोटी देना (Jooti par rakhkar roti dena) = To support one while treating him with contempt
जूतियाँ उठाना (Jootian uthana) = To perform menial or degrading tasks for
जूतियाँ खाना (Jootian khana) = To be treated insultingly, to suffer a shoe-beating
जूतियाँ चटकाते फिरना (Jootian chatkate firna) = To walk about idly, or not knowing what to do
जूतियाँ चलना (Jootian chalna) = A fracas to occur among
जूतियाँ मारना (Jootian marna) = To give one a shoe-beating, to speak harshly to
जूतियाँ लगना (Jootian lagna) = Shoes to fall upon
जूतियाँ पड़ना (Jootian padna) = To grovel, to abase oneself
जूतियाँ सीधी करना (Jootian sidhi karna) = To set another’s shoes straight
जूतीखोर (Jootikhor) = Beaten with slippers
जूती-छिपाई (Jooti-chipai) = The hiding of a bridegroom’s shoes by the  bride’s sister and friends, money which he gives to recover them
जूती-पौज़ार (Jooti-poujar) = Fracas. a fight with shoes
जून (Joon) = June, old, a particular time, a meal-time
जून बदलना (Joon badlna) = To transmigrate, to change births
जून पाना (Joon pana) = To be reborn
जून पूरी करना (Joon puri karna) = To live out one’s allotted life
जूना (Joona) = Old, decayed, thin, a grass rope, a bundle of grass for cleaning vessels
जूप (Joop) = A game of dice played by a newly wed couple as part of the wedding ceremony
जूरी-मारी (Jooti-mari) = Land actually in possession as distinct from that to which a man is entitled by descent
जूला (Joola) = A tract of land sixteen bisis in area
जूलाई (Joolai) = July month of the year
जूस (Joos) = Juice from cooked fruit, cooking-water from vegetables
जूसताख (Joostakh) = Name of a game
जूसी (Joosi) = Sugar-cane juice
जूह (Jooh) = A yoke
जूहड़ (Joohad) = A yoke attached to a plough
जूही (Joohi) = A kind of firework

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