Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Yo | यो से शब्द

यो से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

यों (yon) = Well, thus, in fact, actually
यों तो (yon to) = In this case, generally speaking
यों भी (yon bhi) = Usually, as normal
यों ही (yon he) = Simply, casually, cursorily, just in this way
यों ही सही (yon he sahi) = As you please, be it so
यों-त्यों करना (yon-tyon karna) = To curse, to berate
योग (yog) = Union, agreement, bodily exercises or disciplines, yoga, practice of abstract meditation undertaken to bring the soul into union with the supreme spirit 
योग-क्षेम (yog-kshem) = Well-being, assets, prosperity, profit 
योग-दान (yog-dan) = Contribution to
योग-निद्रा (yog-nidra) = Light sleep, the sleep of a deity, enchanted sleep
योग-बल (yog-bal) = Supernatural power, the power of yoga
योग-माया (yog-maya) = The magical power said to be possessed by yogis, power of the supreme spirit
योग-शक्ति (yog-shakti) = Supernatural power as that of a yogi
योग-सिद्ध (yog-sidhh) = One who has successfully attained the goal of yoga
योगात्मक (yogatmak) = Agglutinative
योगारूढ़ (yogarudd) = A yogi, absorbed in abstract meditation
योगासन (yagasan) = Yogic posture, a posture furthering meditation
योगेश्वर (yogeshvar) = A great yogi, Siva, a deity
योगिनी (yogini) = A female ascetic
योगी (yogi) = An ascetic, a Nath Saiva ascetic, name of a mixed community of weavers
योग्य (yogya) = Suitable, capable of, gifted, worthy of
योग्यता (yogyata) = Worth, suitability, capacity, merit
योजन (yojan) = Union, a traditional measure of distance, the supreme spirit
योजना (yojna) = Plan, establishing a group, conjunction as of circumstances
योजनापूर्ण (yojnapuran) = Planned as an economy
योजनाबद्ध (yojnabaddh) = Determined by plan, planned
योजित (yojit) = Established, joined, formed, planned
योज्य (yojiy) = A quantity for addition, to be added, to be implemented
योद्धव्य (yoddhavy) = To be fought a battle, worth fighting
योद्धा (yoddha) = A warrior, contender, soldier
योद्धापन (yoddhapan) = Bravery, soldiering
योधन (yodhan) = Fighting, battle, weapon
योध्य (yodhya) = Deserving to be fought as a war
योनि (yoni) = The female genital organs, the womb, rebirth
योनिज (yonij) = Mammalian
योषिता (yoshita) = A woman

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