Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Tri | त्रि से शब्द

त्रि से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

त्रिंश (Trinsh)=thirtieth
त्रिंशत् (Trinshat)=thirty
त्रि (Tri)=three, triple
त्रिकाल (Trikal, Trikaal)=the three times, or the three tenses i.e. past, present and future
त्रिकालदर्शी (Trikaldarshi)=the one who can see all the three times
त्रिकूट (Trikut, Trikoot)=a mountain that has three peaks
त्रिकोण (trikon)=triangle
त्रिकोणमिति (Triconmiti)=trigonometry
त्रिदल (Tridal)=a trefoil
त्रिदोष (Tridosh)=a triple disorder of bile, blood, and phlegm
त्रिधा (Tridha)=triple
त्रिदेव (Tridev)=the trinity
त्रिनयन (Trinayan)=three eyes
त्रिलोचन (Trilochan)=same meaning as of त्रिनयन
त्रिपथ (Tripath)=intersection of three roads
त्रिभुज (Tribhuj)=having three arms or sides
त्रिभुवन (Tribhuvan)=the three worlds
त्रिक (Trik)=threefold
त्रिगुण (Trigun)=the three types of gunas
त्रिगुणी (Triguni)=one having three types of gunas
त्रिज्या (Trijya)=a radius
त्रिमूर्ति (Trimurti, Trimoorti)=
त्रिलोक (Trilok)=the three worlds
त्रिवर्ग (Trivvarg)=a class formed by three things
त्रिविध (Trividh)=in three ways
त्रिवेणी (Triveni)=the confluence of rivers at Allahabad namely, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati
त्रिशूल (Trishul, Trishool)=a trident

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