Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ghi | घि से शब्द

घि से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

घिग्घी(Ghigghi)= the larynx, a choking sensation in the throat
घिघियाना (Ghighiyana)= to be unable to speak (from emotion), to whine, to whimper
घिचोलना (Ghicholna)= to rub (with hands), to squeeze
घिन (Ghin)= aversion; abhorrence, nausea 
घिन आना (Ghin ana)= to feel aversion
घिनघिनाना (Ghinghinana)= to be disgusted 
घिनाना (Ghinana)= to make (one) feel disgust
घिनौना (Ghinauna)= disgusting, very ugly
घिनौनापन (Ghinaunapan)= loathsomeness
घिरका (Ghirka)= a kind of roundabout made with two poles (for children to play on)
घिरना (Ghirna)= to be surrounded or enclosed, to be collected around, to gather
घिरनी (Ghirni)= a pully, a wheel or instrument for twisting ropes
घिराई (Ghirai)= causing, to be surrounded, the cost or charge of enclosing 
घिराना (Ghirana)= to cause to be surrounded or enclosed
घिरायँद (Ghirayand)= stench of urine
घिसटना (Ghisatna)= to be dragged, to be involved or implicated
घिसन (Ghisan)= rubbing, friction, damage
घिसना (Ghisna)= to be rubbed, liable, to rub, to groom (a horse)
घिसनी (Ghisni)= rubbing
घिस पिस (Ghis-pis)= close contact
घिसाना (Ghisana)= to cause to be rubbed
घिसाव (Ghisav)= friction, abrasion
घिस्सम घिस्सा (Ghissam-ghissa)= rubbing shoulders, jostling
घिस्सा (Ghissa)= rubbing, a glancing blow 

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