Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Khi | खि से शब्द

खि से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

खिंच (khinch) = A pull, pulling
खिंचना (khinchna) = To be drawn, to be stretched, to tighten
खिंचवाई (khinchvaie) = The cost of pulling, extracting 
खिंचवाना (khinchvana) = To cause to be pulled, stretched
खिंचाई (khinchaie) = The act of pulling, charge for pulling
खिंचाव (khinchav) = Pulling, tension, magnetic power, discord, strain in relationship
खिंडना (khindna) = To be scattered, to be wasted
खिंडवाना (khindvana) = To cause to be scattered
खिंडाना (khindana) = To waste, to scatter, to spread
खिंचड़ा (khinchda) = A dish made with rice and different types of pulse boiled together
खिचड़ी (khichdi) = A dish of rice and pulse boiled together with ghee and spices, a mixture
खिचड़ी बाल (khichdi bal) = Greying hair
खिचड़ी भाषा (khichdi bhasha) = Mixed language, a jargon
खिचड़ी करना (khichdi karna) = To make a  mess
खिचड़ी पकना (khichdi pakna) = A scheme to be hatched
खिचड़ी पकाना (khichdi pakana) = To plot together
खिजलाना (khijlana) = To grow angry, to be irritable
खिजलाहट (khijlahat) = Irritation, vexation
ख़िजाँ (khiijan) = Autumn
खिजाना (khijana) = To tease, to provoke, to vex
ख़िज़ाब (khiijjab) = A hair-dye, dyeing the beard, painting the nails
ख़िज़ाब लगाना (khiijjab lgana) = To apply dye to
खिजावट (khijavat) = Irritation, vexation
खिड़की (khidki) = A shutter, a window
खिड़की खोलना (khidki kholna) = To open a window
खिड़की फोड़ना (khidki fodna) = To throw open a window
खिड़कीदार (khidkidar) = Having a window
ख़िताब (khiitab) = A prize, title of rank
ख़िताबी (khiitabi) = Titled
ख़िदमत (khiidmat) = A service, work, favour
ख़िदमत करना (khiidmat karna) = To attend, to serve, to wait, to give a beating to
ख़िदमतगार (khiidmatgar) = Attendance, a servant, service
ख़िदमतगुज़ार (khiidmatgujaar) = An attentive servant
ख़िदमती (khiidmati) = Attendant, attentive in service
खिन्न (khinn) = Uneasy, exhausted, distressed
खिन्नमन (khinnman) = Dejected
खिन्नता (khinnta) = Depressed state
खियाना (khiiyana) = To feed, to be worn out
खिरनी (khirni) = The tree Mimusops kauki and its fruit, source of a rubber
ख़िराज (khiiraj) = A tribute, a tax
खिरिसा (khirisa) = A dish usually curds made with beestings
खिलक्कड़ (khilakkad) = Playful as a child or as a cat
खिलखिल (khilkhil) = Tittering, a sound of laughter
खिलखिलाना () = To giggle, to burst out laughing, to glean in the sun
खिलखिलाके हँसना (khilkhilake hansna) = To laugh aloud
खिलखिलाहट (khilkhilaht) = A peal of laughter
ख़िलअत (khiilat) = A robe of honour presented to office-holders
खिलना (khilna) = To bloom, to burst out laughing, to crack as roasted grain, to be delighted
खिलवाड़ (khilvad) = Amusement, child’s play, a plaything
खिलवाड़ करना (khilvad karna) = To toy with
खिलवाड़ी (khilvadi) = One enjoying diversions
खिलवाना (khilvana) = To cause to eat, to get one fed by another
खिलाई (khilaie) = Feeding, the cost of feeding
खिलाऊ (khilou) = One who feeds, providing food
खिलाड़िन (khiladin) = A playful, or wanton, woman
खिलाड़ी (khiladi) = A  sportsman, one who plays, mischievous, a magician
खिलाड़ीपन (khiladipan) = Sportsmanship
खिलाना (khilana) = To cause to feed, to entertain, to dandle, to cause to bloom, to spread,
ख़िलाफ़ (khiilaff) = Contrary, opposition, against
ख़िलाफ़त (khiilaffat) = Oppositionm, the title of caliph
खिलौना (khilouna) = A trifling thing, a plaything, toy
खिलौना हाथ का (khilona hath ka) = A plaything in one’s hands, a puppet
खिल्ली (khilli) = A joke, fun
खिल्ली उड़ाना (khilli udana) = To make a fool of, to make fun of
खिल्ली करना (khilli karna) = To flirt with, to joke with
खिल्ली में उड़ाना (khilli mein udana) = To make a laughing-stock of, to treat as a joke
खिल्लीबाज़ (khillibaz) = A joker, fond of joking
खिसकना (khiskna) = To slip or to slink away, to move away
खिसकाना (khiskana) = To displace, to postpone, to move away, to drive away
खिसकू (khisku) = One who slips or slinks away
खिसारी (khisari) = The chickling vetch
खिसियानपन (khisiyanpan) = Mortification, shamefacedness
खिसियाना (khisiyana) = To look foolish, to be ashamed, to grin
खिसियाना करना (khisiyana karna) = To abash
खिसियानी बिल्ली खंभा नोचे (khisiyani billi khamba nochey) = Anger is often vented on one not responsible

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