Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with O | ओ से शब्द

ओ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

ओ (o)= The tenth vocalic sound of the Devanagri syllabary as used in writing Hindi
ओंकार (onkar)= the sound of om (aum)
ओंठ (onth)= the lip
ओन्ध (ondh) = the cord with which the rafters or frames for thatching are fastened until the roof is finished
ओक (ok)= The palm hollowed to drink from, water, drunk from the hollowed palm
ओक (ok)= vomiting, nausea
ओक (ok)= house, dwelling, dwelling place, refuge
ओकना (okanaa)= to vomit
ओखली (okhali)= a small mortar
ओखा (okha)= inferior, bad, useless, ineffective, disagreeable
ओग (og)= levy, tribute ओग दुवास (og duvaas)= A Hindu festival held on the twelfth day of the dark fortnight oh the month Bhadon
ओगरा (ogaraa)= a kind of gruel, pottage
ओगल (ogal)= moisture in the soil
ओगार (ogaar)= juice, running from the mouth
ओगारना (ogarna)= to drain, to clean, a well
ओघ (ogh)= stream, torrent, multitude, collection, heap
ओघरा (oghara)=
ओछा (ochha)= empty, shallow, vain, small, trifling, frivolous, facile, absurd, mean, base, worthless, degrading
ओछाई (ochhaai)= ओछापन
ओछापन (ochhapan)= emptiness, shallowness, triviality, absurdity, baseness
ओज (oj)= light, splendour, lustre, brilliance, fervour, shining, resplendent, brilliant ( esp. Of poetic quality or style)
ओजना(ojana) = to ward off
ओजना (ojana)= to pour out
ओजस्विता (ojasvita)= splendour, brilliance
ओजस्वी (ojasvi)= ओजपूर्ण
ओझ (ojh)= entrails, paunch
ओझड़ी (ojhadi)= ओझ
ओझर (ojhar)= ओझ
ओझल (ojhal)= screen, shelter, concealment, screened, hidden, disappeared, vanished ~करना= to cause to disappear, to hide, to spirit away
ओझा (ojha)= a country doctor, sorcerer, wizard, name of a sub community of brahmans, a member of the ojha sub community
ओझाइन (ojhain)= the wife of an ojha, a sorceress, witch

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