Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ghaa | घा से शब्द

घा से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

घाई (Ghai)= the angle or space between two fingers or toes, hob of an oven
घाई घप (Ghai-ghap)= squandering, one who misappropriates
घाघ (Ghagh)= knowing, experienced, cunning
घाघरा (Ghaghra)= an ample, ankle-length 
घाघरी (Ghaghri)= a small ankle-length skirt
घाट (Ghaat)= a slope to water, a mountain pass
घाट नहाना (Ghaat nahana)= to perform a bathing observance after a death 
घाट लगना (Ghaat lagna)= to come to shore, or to a bank
घाटा (Ghata)= a decrease, a reduction, shortfall
घाटा पड़ना (Ghata padna)= a loss to befall
घाटी (Ghati)= a valley, a mountain pass
घात (Ghaat)= killing, striking down, a blow, cover, design
घातक (Ghatak)= hostile, destructive, murderous
घातन (Ghatan)= killing, murdering
घाता (Ghata)= thrown in additional to a buyer’s purchase
घाती (Ghati)= a killer, destroyer, lying in wait
घान (Ghan)= a quantity of material
घानी (Ghani)= a pressing, crushing, or grinding machine, a mill
घाम (Gham)= heat and light of the sun, sunstroke; glare
घाम सेंकना (Gham senkna)= to bask in the sun
घामड़ (Ghamad)= stupid
घायल (Ghayal)= wounded, injured, hurt
घायल करना (Ghayal karna)= to wound
घाल (Ghaal)= a throwing, confusion
घालमेल करना (Ghalmel karna)= to shuffle, to jumble
घालक (Ghalak)= one who destroys or lays waste
घलना (Ghalna)= to throw, to set, to strike down, to place
घाव (Ghav)= a wound, a bruise
घाव करना (Ghav karna)= to wound
घाव खाना (Ghav khana)= to receive a wound
घाव पर नमक छिड़कना (Ghav par namak chidakna)= to rub salt in a wound
घास (Ghaas)= grass,hay, fodder
घास काटना (Ghaas katna)= to do something trivial or pointless
घास फूस (Ghaas-foos)= weeds, grass and straw
घास भूसा (Ghass-bhoosa)= grass and chaff, fodder
घासलेट (Ghaslate)= kerosene oil, an inferior product

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