Turkish Words Used in Hindi Language

Hindi is a very modern language as compared to the original Sanskrit which makes the basis of this language. However, in the modern spoken Hindi language, there are plenty of words borrowed from other languages including Turkish, English, Arabic, and Persian language and a sprinkling of few words from language like German and French etc.

I was watching a couple of Turkish serials on Netflix when I came across many words that I regularly use in my mother tongue Punjabi and also in the Hindi language. I thought of compiling these words and present them to the readers. Some of the words are not used in their Turkish meaning, so I have provided the explanation for those words.

I am sure there are many more on this list and many of these words might be used commonly in languages including Arabic and Persian. If you know any more words that are considered Turkish loanwords, please feel free to tell us through the comment section.

Turkish Loanwords in Hindi

Hindi Word Loaned from Turkish Language Meaning in English
दोस्त Friend
दुश्मन Foe
दाई Mid-wife (In Turkish, it was used for the head female servant)
इश्क Love
चोखा Very
वज़ीर Prime Minister
सुबह Morning
ज़हर Poison
लेकिन But
यानि Meaning
मुसाफ़िर Traveler (In Turkish, it meant a guest)
सुल्तान Emporer (In Turkish, it meant a queen or a princess)
बाबा Father
अलबत्ता Of course
ज़ालिम Tyrant
क़ातिल Murderer
सबर Patience
सियासत Politics
इंसान Human
समय Time
दुआ Prayer
इशारा Gesture, sign

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