Mistakes in Punjabi and Hindi spellings in and around Gurgaon

I have noticed that though Delhi and Gurgaon direction signs try to maximize their readability by providing the names in 3-4 languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, often there are multiple spelling mistakes that one can find.

I have found them mostly in Hindi or Punjabi. Let me present some photographs that I recently clicked using my Moto G phone while traveling here and there. Excuse the clarity of these pictures because mostly I was driving while clicked the pictures.

Shankar Chowk Bridge

This photo is taken from Udyog Vihar phase-3. If you notice the spelling of IFFCO Chowk in Punjabi, they are given as ਇਫਕੋ ਚੋਂਕ. They should be ਇਫਕੋ ਚੌਕ.

Now, notice the spellings of Jaipur in Punjabi. The given spellings are ਜਯਪੂਰ while it should be ਜਯਪੁਰ.


Chhattarpur Metro Station

This photo is taken at Chhattarpur Metro Station. Check the spelling of Mehrauli in Punjabi. It is given as ਮਹਰੋਲੀ while it should be ਮਹਰੌਲੀ.

IMG_20140412_092304296_HDR (1)

Manesar Toll Barrier

This is a classical error in Hindi. The Hindi font is not unicode otherwise this error would not have crept in. Notice the spelling of स्वचालित.


Jharsa Chowk–Sector 15 Underpass

This photo shows the spellings of Jharsa Village in Punjabi. The spellings are totally wrong. It should written as ਝਾੜਸਾ ਗਾਓਂ or to putting it more simply ਝਾੜਸਾ ਪਿੰਡ.


IFFCO Chowk advertisement

This is an advertisement at IFFCO chowk. Check the spellings of संरक्षण में हाथ बटाऐं. This again is a very common mistake made in Hindi. It should be बटायें or if you want to allow the latest trend in Hindi, it could be बटाएँ।


Near Azadpur Mandi, Delhi

Check the spellings of Extension in Punjabi. There is no clarity as what they wanted to write. It should be ਐਕਸਟੈਨਸ਼ਨ.


Kaithal Chwok, Karnal

This one is not from Delhi but just wanted to point out the common mistakes made by people while putting the half र sound in Hindi. It should be बर्फ.


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