Rebrands from And Unveils The Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap integrating AI Blockchain Technologies, a pioneering platform that offers a comprehensive suite of digital transformation tools, marketplace and services tailored to businesses, organisations, and professionals, rebrands from The platform also unveils its Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index, which lists tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Alphabet, Nvidia, Meta, and LVMH, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co, from other top industries.

India:, formerly, is a global digital certification directory marketplace created for businesses worldwide. The Businessabc digital hub marketplace provides SMEs with B2B, B2C, or service marketplaces, access to chambers of commerce, trade corridors, digital supply chains, provenance tools, and multi-store e-commerce and partners.

As part of the ztudium Group – a global leader in cutting-edge innovation technologies such as Industry 4IR, Web3.0, AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain – pioneers in driving advancements in these areas, enabling businesses to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and adapting to the changing business landscape.

“Approximately 400 million businesses and SMEs are the backbone of the world economy. They are the main source of job creation globally, accounting for over 95% of the companies and about 60-70% of employment. With an accelerated pace of digitalisation, these SMEs lack the basic tools to migrate themselves to the internet economy. Surprisingly, about 90% of these businesses and SMEs don’t even have a website or any kind of digital profile, and also lack any financial support.”

“ is the bridge they need to access the business networks, governments, tech ecosystems, leading universities, and global organisations. Businessabc facilitates you on your journey to digital transformation, allowing you to grow your business in trusted environments”, says Dinis Guarda, Founder and CEO of ztudium and Ensuring a trusted digital presence for businesses and SMEs

According to the data from OECD and The World Bank, online platforms are central to the digital transformation of society. Digitalisation is a multi-faceted concept that involves the use and applications of a broad range of technologies, for different purposes. In addition, there are complementarities in digital diffusion. This means that as businesses grow and scale, the need for a wider range of technologies that support and complement each other rises for the businesses. The lack of trusted online platforms can contribute to enlarge the existing digital divides while exacerbating the risks of not seeing the benefits of the digital transformation, especially for the early adopters. envisions empowering SMEs with improved productivity, reduced operational costs, and access to essential business intelligence services. By embracing digital transformation, SMEs can unlock growth opportunities, generate economies of scale and scope, and fully participate in the global digital economy. has a significant digital footprint, having access to a global audience, including more than 17 million views on its associated Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Show. Its directory, resources, and marketplace help businesses connect with each other to enhance their respective digital transformations and improve their outreach. has global collaborations and partnerships with global organisations and institutions like / University of Oxford, The EU AI Alliance, eTrade Alliance, United Nations Global Impact, Billion Strong, PHD Chamber of Commerce of Indi and the USAID, to name a few. 

The newly rebranded platform offers a multifaceted approach to empowering businesses through enhanced visibility, strategic support, and cutting-edge blockchain smart contract verified certifications.

Verifying digital identities for professionals and businesses plays a pivotal role in safeguarding privacy, preventing identity theft, and fostering a secure and reliable digital ecosystem. offers Professional and Corporate Digital IDs or the ‘PCDIs’, a digital set of identifiers that can be decentralised and owned by a business. A single PCDI can efficiently facilitate access to a range of trade-related and transactional services. SMEs and businesses can leverage these PCDIs to establish trust and identity amongst their network of stakeholders.

“ stands out with its innovative service that leverages advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain to issue verifications that are matched with over 96 countries’ companies houses. This digital smart contract enabled verifications do not simply prove compliance with certain criteria or standards; they establish the authenticity, security, and verifiability, which the modern business landscape needs urgently. 

With our blockchain and AI powered technology behind the certification process, enhances the credibility of businesses, organizations, and individual professionals”, says Sonesh Sira, Partner at ztudium and offers integrated 3D geolocation metaverse immersive solutions for each, businesses, governments, and individuals WIKIDNA proprietary IP. 

The platform offers membership benefits for its subscribers, which include access to VIP business coaching, education solutions, and skills training with global industry experts. It also offers access to trade finance network solutions with Mastercard and other global partners, besides offering investment opportunities for businesses with UK and global innovators investment programs.

The media and resources offering of promotes business and products across its platforms that reach over 1 million individuals and businesses per month. The subscription offering of the platform allows promotion on all its media and other PR outreach. 

The Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index by

With its rebranding, introduces the Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index that offers valuable insights into the financial landscape. The patent pending AI algorithm scoring system – the AIDNA model of, evaluates and assesses businesses, enables them with intelligent insights that facilitate innovation, prioritise sustainable practices, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

From ranking the top technology players like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Alphabet, Nvidia, and Meta, to other big corporations in diverse industries, like energy, fashion, fintech, e-commerce, and many others, this index has listed top 10,000 public listed companies according to their market cap.

“This index allows us to deliver comprehensive, data-driven solutions to our users. The Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index is a benchmark that provides a comprehensive overview of the financial landscape by ranking and indexing the market capitalisations of the top 10,000 public companies”, says Dilip Pungliya, Partner and Board member at ztudium, parent company.

Besides this, the platform also has also launched Business Country Index, where it leverages its IDNA model to list top 1000 businesses in countries, based on the four pillars of digital transformation, innovation, sustainability, and thought leadership. It also lists the top 200 blockchain influencers and leaders that are making an impact in the industry. 

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