Hindi translation on websites still faulty

The websites are trying to catch the Hindi audience by providing them a Hindi version of the e-commerce website. However, the casual approach towards Hindi lands them with wrong translation or spelling mistakes. I have written about it earlier too but with recent focus on capturing Hindi customers, websites are trying to enter the market by doing a sort of patch work.

I give you an example of SnapDeal, who recently ventured in Hindi and Tamil versions of their website.

This is what I got.

Snapdeal Hindi


The spellings of खोजें are different at two places on the same page. Of course, the difference is of a dot only what did not Swami Vivekananda warned in his famous couplet about the impact this dot brings when it changes worry to pyre!

चिंतायाश्च चितायाश्च बिन्दुमात्रं विशेषता ।
सजीवं दहते चिंता निर्जीवं दहते चिता ।।

Websites and e-commerce portals should try to translate in Hindi but they should make sure they do full quality check before they make their regional versions live to the customers.

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