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31 thoughts on “Hindi Names of Relations and Family Members

  1. how would pone address their cousins?
    –>elder maternal aunt’s (elder sister of mother’s)child
    –>elder paternal aunt’s child?

  2. Elder maternal aunt’s will be called मासी–maasi.

    While calling elder paternal aunt’s child, it could be either “भाई–Bhai (brother)” or “बहन-Behan (sister)”. But in written they would be called “फुफेरा भाई–Fufera Bhai” or “फुफेरा बहन–Fuferi Behan”. Thanks!

  3. My son is married to an Indian of Hindu religion from the south of India. They recently had a baby whom I got to see on Skype. When I asked the mother’s mother what the baby is going to call her she said something like oo-moo-maa or similar. The Indian symbols for the names do not help me since I don’t read or speak Hindi. It definitely was not the word daa-dee-maa. Can you help me?

  4. @meena
    The ones that are real are called “सगा” in singular and “सगे” in plural. The ones who are not, not is added to this.

  5. brother’s wife– IF elder-‘bhabhi’—?
    brother’s wife– if younger-Bahu’–?
    Bhatija, Bhatiji—?

    you all are good man.

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