Vehicles Names in Hindi | वाहनों के हिंदी में नाम | Vahno ke Hindi me Naam

Below are the Hindi Names of Vehicles that we see in our day-to-day life or sometimes when we are traveling somewhere out of the station.

If you know the name of any other vehicle, please do share with us through the comment section.

Vehicles Names in Hindi | Vahno ke Hindi me Naam

Images of Vehicles English NamesHindi Names
Bullock Cart बैलगाड़ी
Boatनाव, नौका
Airplaneहवाई जहाज 
Fire Truckदमकल
Motor Cycle Or Bikeमोटर साइकिल
Ambulanceरोगी वाहन, रुग्ण वाहिनी
Tractor ट्रैक्टर 
Carकार, मोटर वाहन

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