RSVP Meaning in Hindi | RSVP Full Form in Hindi | RSVP Meaning in Wedding Card in Hindi

Though printed invitation cards are facing a challenge from their digital and online versions, you must have noticed this abbreviation used extensively in wedding cards or another sort of invitation–r.s.v.p. Usually, this is followed by the name of the person who is sending the invitation or the main person who is responsible for the organizing of the party/feast, etc.

RSVP is taken from the French language, and as an abbreviation, it expands like this: “répondez s’il vous plaît“. In English, this simply would mean “​respond, if you please.” Now, if you are wondering why they put the name of the person after this, the context here is that person is expecting a sort of confirmation from your side whether you would be able to come to the occasion or not. Obviously, if the host knows how many people are actually going to attend the party or feast, he/she can plan it better. Though it is not a trend in India, a lot of countries have this cultural gesture of confirming whether one is attending the party or not.

So, if you are looking to know the meaning of rsvp in Hindi or want to know its full form, just know that it means कृपया, उत्तर दें।

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