Password Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kehte Hain

In the age of computers and mobile phones, passwords have become one of the most important and significant possessions of a modern man.

However, the websites and other services still suffer from malady and lingual discomfort when it comes to translating these terms for regional users. How to make rural people understand about passwords? They don’t understand its value or concept because there is no parallel word in Hindi that could be applied.

The Hindi word for password is too complicated to let the users understand its implications and necessity. At the same time, the Hindi word for password is hardly used in any conversation or written format.

Therefore, Hindi users also use the word ‘password–पास्वर्ड’ when they have to use it.

However, for lingual enthusiasts, the Hindi word for password would be:

English Hindi English Pronunciation
Password कूट शब्द Koot Shabad

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