Lotay Ko English Mein Kya Bolte Hain

Lota is a Hindi word. When it is to be used in its oblique form, it is called ‘Lotay’ which will be followed by some preposition like ‘ko’, ‘mein’, ‘ke’, ‘se’, etc.

So, it is important that you understand this difference in the literal word. It would be Lota–लोटा, which will change to Lotay–लोटे if it’s to be used in its oblique form.

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There are many forms of a Lota but basically it is a container or a mug that can be used to store water, milk, juice, etc.

You will find this utensil in almost all the kitchens of India. You may also find some people using it as a bath-mug in their bathrooms.

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Hindi English Transliteration
लोटा Mug, water pot Loṭā

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