Lassi Ko English Mein Kya Kehte Hain

Lassi or Chhachh is a beverage used extensively in India. It’s of two types–one is sweet and one is salty.

Again, two types of content usually are used–one is made of buttermilk (mostly salty) while the other one is after churning curd or yogurt and adding sugar to it.

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It’s basically a milk-based drink. In summers, this becomes the staple food of many.

Both the names Lassi–लस्सी and Chhachh–छाछ are commonly used across India.

We are providing the English name of this drink–though we are trying to differentiate them but both the regional name overlap and are based on folk usage. Both the words can be used to connote the same product.

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Hindi English Transliteration
लस्सी Sweet churned yogurt Lassī
छाछ buttermilk Chācha

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