How to say words in Hindi

How to say words in Hindi

While learning how to say words and phrases in Hindi, take care of the age, authority, gender, and stature of the person to whom you are saying those Hindi words.

I have tried to pick some of the commonly used Hindi words and phrases that could be useful to a person who is trying to learn Hindi.

Feel free to contact me if you need to ask anything about the use of these Hindi words and also their pronunciation.

English Hindi
How was it meaning in Hindi कैसा था, कैसी थी
How to say dad in Hindi पिता, अब्बा, बाबा, बाऊ
How to say dance in Hindi नृत्य
How to say English in Hindi अंग्रेज़ी, अङ्ग्रेज़ी
How to say grandmother in Hindi दादी, नानी
How to say cat in Hindi बिल्ली
How to say sexy in Hindi सैक्सी
How to say dog in Hindi कुत्ता
How to say aunt in Hindi चाची, ताई, मामी, बूआ (फूफी)
How to say grandma in Hindi दादी, नानी
How to say mom in Hindi माँ, माता, अम्मा, अम्बा
How to say girl in Hindi कन्या, लड़की
How to say uncle in Hindi चाचा, ताया, मामा, फूफा
How to say nothing in Hindi कुछ नहीं
How to say congratulations in Hindi बधाई
How to say friend in Hindi मित्र
How to say good in Hindi अच्छा, उत्तम
How to say ok in Hindi ठीक
How to say sister in Hindi बहन
How to say please in Hindi कृपया
How to say thanks in Hindi धन्यवाद
How to say love in Hindi प्रेम
How to say sorry in Hindi क्षमा
How to say bye in Hindi विदा
How to say goodnight in Hindi शुभरात्रि
How to say goodbye in Hindi विदा

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