How to say pregnant in Hindi

A lot of people like me who work in the corporate world and have studied professional courses in engineering do not know various common words in the Hindi language. Whenever we find it convenient, we tend to use words from English language. Guess what, it is considered highly respectable if you totally avoid Hindi and speak fluently in English.

Yes, there a huge populace of India that likes to speak in various regional languages and also in the Hindi language.

I personally feel quite okay in both of them–if somebody is not comfortable in Hindi, I will speak in English; but if somebody is good in Hindi, I will like to exercise my Hindi language with them. My mother tongue is Punjabi and therefore it is always nice to practice Hindi with somebody who understands it.

A common pregnant is used whenever a woman is with a child. However, what is pregnant called in Hindi?

In this post, we have provided the answer:

Pregnant in Hindi means गर्भवती, which according to IAST system can be written in English transliteration as Garbhavatī.

How to say pregnant in Hindi

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