How to say no one in Hindi

How to say no one in Hindi

To learn how to say no one in Hindi, once again two words are to be used.

Just take notice that while translating these two words in Hindi, we will be reversing the order while saying it.


One=कोई (Though elsewhere, we have given different meaning to this word while used in different context. It can’t be used as एक here, whose sound is like ‘Ake’ from the English word ‘Make’)

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How to say no one in Hindi


Now, the sound of these words might be new to you.

The first word is pronounced as you would read in English with the ending ‘I’ accentuated.

The second word is also pronounced as you read it but the ‘I’ is accentuated. You would notice an apostrophe and an ‘N’ at the end. Now, this is particular to lot of Indian languages. It is like the sound of ‘N’ only but without any accentuation.

I know this is bit hard to learn but if you feel I could be of any help, I would be happy to offer more information or assistance.

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