How to say little sister in Hindi

Childhood memories are cherished forever by almost everyone. A grown man or a woman who is doing decent in his/her life will relish these memories that are often based on family, relatives, school and the fun stuff that children do.

Brothers and sister and even cousins add a lot of fun to these memories. Having a little sister is a great privilege—not given to everybody. I, personally, have always wanted to have a little sister. This inherent wish of mine surfaced in my behavior while I moved into a college and had girls as my friends. I had a couple of them as my close friends and I considered them as my little sisters, though one of them was older than me.

The joy of teasing her, not sending her birthday or new year wishes, and even calling her names gave me so much joy.

So, when I started this blog and wrote about expressions and how to say them in Hindi language, it came to my mind—how to say little sister in Hindi.

There are two ways in which you can say it—one is the literal translation of the words ‘little sister’, while other is a name itself given to this expression. It directly means younger sister.

I am giving you both of these expressions in Hindi and you can use any of them.

How to say little sister in Hindi

This option is commonly used in day-to-day talk and is understand by people who don’t speak Hindi language but have almost similar expression in their own regional languages. However, if you want to use this expression in some article or for more scholarly work, you can use this expression given below:

If you would like to have any feedback or suggestion, please feel free to write through the comment section. I have provided the pronunciation key based on IAST standards, but even then if you have any question about pronunciation, I will be more than happy to help.

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