Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with धू | धू से शब्द

धू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

धूँ  (Dhoon) = Explosion, sound of a drum, report of a  gun
धूत (Dhoot) = Deserted, shaken off, judged, cheat, to deceive
धू-धू (Dhoo-dhoo) = Crackling of flames
धूनक (Dhoonak) = Resin of the Sal tree
धूना (Dhoona) = Gum, resin
धूनी (Dhooni) = Smoke-fire as of an ascetic, who sits beside it as a penance, the burning of incense
धूनी जगना (Dhooni jagna) = One to become an ascetic
धूनी रमाना (Dhooni rmana) = To light a smoke-fire as penance, to become a yogi
धूनी लेना (Dhooni lena) = To undergo fumigation, to  inhale smoke as a penance
धूप (Dhoop) = Aroma, incense, heat  of the sun, sunshine, the sun
धूप चढ़ाना (Dhoop chadana) = To burn incense as before  an idol
धूपदान (Dhoopdan) = Container for incense, a censer
धूप-दीप (Dhoop-deep) = Offering of incense to an idol
धूप खाना (Dhoop khana) = To bask in the sun
धूप खिलाना (Dhoop khilana) = To place in the sun to dry
धूप चढ़ना (Dhoop chadna) = The sun to be high
धूप दिखाना (Dhoop dikhana) = To put in the sun to dry
धूप पड़ना (Dhoop padna) = The sun to be very strong
धूप में बाल सफ़ेद करना (Dhoop mein bal sfed karna) = To grow grey without gaining wisdom from life
धूप सेंकना (Dhoop senkna) = To bask in the sun
धूप-छाँह (Dhoop-chhan) = Light and shade, variegated
धूप-स्नान (Dhoop-snan) = Basking in the sun, sunbathing
धूपना (Dhoopna) = To perfume, to fumigate
धूपित (Dhoopit) = Exhausted, perfumed, tired
धूम (Dhoom) = Turmoil, noise, ostentation, fame
धूम मचना (Dhoom machna) = To be famous, notorious
धूम मचाना (Dhoom machana) = To make an uproar
धूम-धड़क्का (Dhoom-dhdaka) = Grandly, ostentatiously of a celebration
धूम-केतु (Dhoom-ketu) = A falling star, a comet
धूम-पट (Dhoom-pat) = Smoke-screen
धूम-पोत (Dhoom-pot) = A steamer
धूमवाला (Dhoomvala) = Smoked, smoky
धूमक (Dhoomak) = Fumigator
धूमक-धैया (Dhoomak-dhaiya) = Display, turmoil
धूमित (Dhoomit) = Made obscure
धूमिल (Dhoomil) = Sooty, dirty,  smoke-coloured, grey
धूमिलता (Dhoomilta) = Indistinctness, dimness
धूमी (Dhoomi) = Noisy, boisterous
धूम्र-पान (Dhoomar-pan) = Smoking
धूम्र-पान करना (Dhoomar-pan karna) = To smoke
धूम्र-तापन (Dhoomar-taapan) = Fumigation
धूर (Dhoor) = Dust, a kind of coarse grass, the twentieth part of a bisva
धूरधान (Dhoordhan) = A musket, a firelock, a pile of dust
धूर-सँझा (Dhoor-sanjha) = Dusk, evening
धूरकट (Dhoorkat) = Advance of rent paid by villagers to the landlord in the months of Jeth and Asarh
धूरकी (Dhoorki) = A small part of land, the twentieth part of dhur
धूरधानी (Dhoordhani) = Destruction, a pile of dust
धूरा (Dhoora) = Powder, dust, deception
धूरा देना (Dhoora dena) = To deceive, to take in
धूरियाना (Dhooryana) = To winnow grain, to blow dust from, 
धूरिया-बेला (Dhooria-bela) = A species of large jasmine
धूरिया-मल्लार (Dhooria-mallar) = Name of ragini sung at the beginning of the monsoon
धूरी (Dhoori) = Strand of a rope
धूर्त (Dhoorat) = Corrupt, cunning, deceitful, villainous
धूर्तता (Dhoortata) = Villainy, deceit
धूर्तताई (Dhoorattayie) = Crafty behaviour
धूल (Dhool) = Useless, disgrace, anything trivial
धूल उडना (Dhool udna) = To be deserted, to be disgraced, a commotion to be raised 
धूल उड़ाना (Dhool udana) = To wander aimlessly, to defame, to make fun of
धूल की रस्सी बटना (Dhool ki rassi batna) = To attempt the impossible
धूल छानना (Dhool chhanana) = To endure difficulties or distress
धूल झड़ना (Dhool jhadna) = To minister obsequiously to, to dust
धूल फ़ाकना (Dhool fankna) = To wander aimlessly 
धूल समझना (Dhool samjhna) = To think of as  worthless
धूल होना (Dhool hona) = To come to naught
धूल-धक्कड़ (Dhool-dhakkar) = Utter confusion, a dust-storm
धूल-दूसरित (Dhool-dosarit) = Desolate, covered with dust
धूल-धानी (Dhool-dhani) = Ruined, trampled, ruined
धूल-रोक (Dhool-rok) = Dust-proof
धूलक (Dhoolak) = Poison
धूलि (Dhooli) = Dust
धूलिया (Dhoolia) = Made of dust
धूसना (Dhoosna) = To cram, to butt
धूसर (Dhoosr) = Dusty, grey, khaki, dust-coloured
धूसरित (Dhoosarit) = Made dusty
धूहा (Dhooha) = A scarecrow

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